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  1. Sekto

    Future bosses

    Most of this can't be added
  2. Just a quick guide for those who want a custom title. You do need any donator rank to wear these titles. Credit: https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/snippets/573181-runescape-title-ids-nothing-special.html ****Nothing above 89 works, sorry****
  3. https://gyazo.com/20dda2d0388fed5c2ce978d658aab9f9
  4. Nice job, buy the rest of the customs!
  5. Zero support Way to childish Highly unprofessional fights with people in clan chat almost daily Has been caught lying on multiple occasions Still haven't learned about the server (asks where stuff is and how to kill it) The staff team is at its best right now, adding this player to your team would be a discredit to your whole staff team and the work they have been putting in to look and act professional.
  6. 100% supported but you should have at least $10-$25 donated on your acc first to able to place an item into the POS
  7. Best of luck, cya around ingame
  8. Sekto

    Dharok's PvP Event

    please make this on the sunday so more of us can join