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  1. kc: https://gyazo.com/e59f1ead71b2f55fd5fd5f670481e1e8 and https://gyazo.com/8f7aacdc64d31964e38138f21096a97d 10b cape: https://gyazo.com/af923c46155742d4eba6a945b0d9c127 ingame name should be clear....
  2. In-game Name: Animals Full Client Screenshot of your 10B Cape: https://gyazo.com/af923c46155742d4eba6a945b0d9c127 Full Client Screenshot of your Killcounts:https://gyazo.com/e59f1ead71b2f55fd5fd5f670481e1e8 and https://gyazo.com/8f7aacdc64d31964e38138f21096a97d Full Client Screenshots of your Time Online:https://gyazo.com/65f749a4bdcc443959195bebee727a00 Edit: As a long member of castle i hope i will get a spot in the clan! #Castle
  3. +1 why not? #Castle Edit cuz i need to add some "real" feedback. i think you would fit in that position. Always Helpful and nice to others
  4. Ingame-name: Animals Time online? Alot as you already know Why do you want to become a Trusted Gambler? altrough im a known player and ex-staff of this server and i played "old" erad too. id like to re-establish to the new community. i like gambling and hate scammers + i was dicer on old erad too + trusted host :) Additional Information:
  5. Animals


    realtalk, papi will die to a Rat, cuz hes nub
  6. still waiting for raids :c
  7. he told be that earlier b4 "hotfix" was announced. The price is still a big factor, Go pvm for it or buy it, 2 options you have there making it 144 hours in combat is the right step to make there otherwise getting regular obby is the better solution
  8. stop thinking about prices thats what @Jungkook ツ told me ( warning! saracsm of mine)
  9. Thanks bro, hope to see you ingame again xD
  10. In-Game Name: Animals How old are you? 22 Time Zone: MEZ What languages do you speak? German & English What position are you applying for? Supporter Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I want to help other Players and giving some advice what they should do to get as fast as possible to the "end game". I have alot of Knowledge about the server + the new updates Era + Habitat made frequently. Do you have any past staff experience? A little bit (on this server, most people should know me ) Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Activeness + friendly in overall to everyone. dealing with tickets and problems as fast as possible to keep everyone happy and enjoyable to play the Server.
  11. Great to See players making a decent Suggestion about Updates Not Like many various Players just suggesting "content Updates Please" and getting Mad when (when i was staff) we asked what Kind of Update. I Like the idea, if anything of your ideas Match the Server (Not meaning this Bad) you will have 100% My Support ;). Keep going the get the perfect content we would Like to see!
  12. #castle only in the staff Team >:c Jk gl bro voted yes, u seem Like a nice guy.
  13. Scroll up what sadie replied, if you cant handle criticism its Not My Problem then.
  14. Must vote no due ingame complications for asking a simple question, Maybe meant funny, but IT wasnt cuz My question Wasnt meant to be funny, got insulted from him/her after a dumb answer of him/her. Of course im Not an Angel.