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  1. Versace

    Hardmode Trio

    I mean, why not. Everything seems to balance out with the way you're stating it. So +1
  2. Jesus, obby shards are going over 20b now?
  3. Definitely not the current ones, I've stated my reason why the second you pulled them in option C does look fresh, not sure tbh option b and C are ultimately very similar so idm whichever except option A.
  4. Personally I'd prefer for boss pets to be obtained as a drop and not by achieving a milestone simply due to the feeling of achievement, or excitement as stated, when one gets the drop. Gives more of an incentive for end game players as well so it doesn't become boring. However, seeing as the pet perks will be scaled towards how the pets are achieved, making the perks less valuable as a result of getting pets a drop makes me change my mind, though it is a bit unfair that this is the way. I think that the pet perks should be the same however you achieve the pet, but if it's going to be a drop, make it as low as it can possibly be I guess?
  5. Don't see why not, support the idea +1
  6. congratulations to @Sagittaria on taking my former title I'll grab it back soon @SoulPsycho tbh bro I'm proud of you, proud to see from where you've come from and what you've provided to the community
  7. You even have my vote brotha , about time you apply for it
  8. 121 subj sets and 668 zuriels top ! that's astonishing lol, but it is from 8k spins like Alicia said, thank you for your sacrifice to science lol
  9. I see you're going for the position again Best of luck my man !
  10. Definitely understand your views, it's a bit annoying having a boss that has different locations considering how this cache is. Wished it was more like dragith nurn so the boss can be functional and stable at all times and not cause the need of updating it several times past it's initial release. +1
  11. Nice recommendations, not sure if the cache will handle those major rs3 bosses though.
  12. Prefer the first icons imo, not fond of how bulky they are and the writing font isn't really grabbing me.