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  1. There, didn't record it because nobody would think I'm cheating anyway... hah..
  2. Things should have been quite straight forward for people with some knowledge of the game (e.g. shiny blue rocks, "a" tower etc.). I did encounter one problem in the lumbridge swamp where the map wasn't loading, a simple relog fixed this though. Besides that minor issue there are some things that could be improved upon in my opinion. For example the locations of the npc's. I have no clue why those spots were picked for the placement of the quest npc's seeings as they're all quite "far" from a teleport. This and the fact that you had to travel to certain npc's multiple times in a very short timespan can be annoying I guess even though I personally don't mind it too much. Other than that I think the dialogue could be improved a bit. Add some jokes in there or something to make it more enjoyable to read through. Right now it's quite basic and dry. Another thing I didn't quite get is why we'd have to kill Nomad 4 times, yeah sure, 4 eggs, 4 chocolate bars, makes sense. I like that this boss got involved seeing as it's quite dead, but having to kill it 4 times in a row seems quite useless. The addition of some boss slayer was a nice touch as well, but again, not sure why it had to be an entire 800 points. Perhaps sticking to more of an "introduction" for newer players would work out better. For example add a temporary item to the shop that costs 100-200 points. Holiday events should just be a short enjoyable quest with a nice story in my opinion, they shouldn't need excessive grinding, if you can call it that, to complete. Overall nice event though, good job!
  3. A special 12 for a special someone! @Champagnepapi
  4. Your last application was denied on the 28th of March. As the guidelines state you'll be able to apply again one month after the denial of your initial application. Denied, you can try again in one month.
  5. Your application is quite rudimentary but I do see a lot of potential. You have been around for quite some time now which shows a lot of dedication towards the server. Besides that you always seem to be friendly and helpful. You know not to take offense and stay calm in most situations which is a trait every staff member must have. Overall I think you'd do a great job as a server support (or helper for the time being). I'm not sure how you'd do with higher ranks though but there's only one way to find out. Good luck!
  6. This sounds like a great suggestion, I like that most aura's would have a downside to them as well. A concept like this could give loyalty points the much needed use they deserve.
  7. Friendly reminder that you can still get rewarded for making a staff feedback thread! That is if you made your last feedback thread more than a month ago.
  8. Yup, thanks for mentioning that. I swapped it out for the correct screenshot.
  9. Feel free to message me if you find any mistakes or would like to see an item added.
  10. I think everyone can agree with me that there are a couple bosses which are just dead content albeit for different reasons. A couple examples would be Avator of Destruction, Sea Troll Queen, Seasinger Mage, Blink, King Black Dragon, Nomad, Hati, Dagannoth Kings, Nex. Some of those bosses would be rather easy to revive, whilst others are a bit more tricky and I doubt I'll come up with solutions for every single one. I'll be giving some suggestions as to how those bosses could be revived. Blink This boss simply has way too much HP. Blink has 25.000 HP, just to give you a reference Nex has 30.000 and bandos has 2.600. This boss already has some decent drops so just lowering its health to make it viable to kill could possibly make this guy more popular. Nex I think this boss is quite an interesting one, or at least it has got the most interesting mechanics out of all the bosses in the game. The "problem" here is that one solo kill takes roughly 15-20 minutes whilst the rewards are rather mediocre. The nex items being available in the donation store does not help out here either. I'd suggest reworking the rewards, adding some kind of unlocks. A reward such as unlocks for a range/mage version for turmoil in the form of a tradeable scroll would be excellent here in my opinion. The only problem would then be that it can be easily farmed with DTD's. They would have to be disabled, or it will be dead content once again. Seasinger Mage Seasinger already has its own unique armour set, yet nobody uses it. I think its clear that this armour would be the key to the revival of this boss. As I mentioned in another post make it a viable option for mage armour by giving it a magic damage boost in line with subjugation (preferably slightly better.) Nomad This guy is in the same boat as nex, It's a finished boss with interesting mechanics, yet no interesting rewards. The only reason people decide to kill him is for the achievement. i'll be discussing possible drops later in this thread. Avatar of destruction, Sea Troll Queen, Hati I think everyone can agree here that none of those bosses drop anything worth your time. The only reason I find myself ever going there would be a slayer task. Again, I'll be discussing possible drops later on in this thread. King Black Dragon, Dagannoth Kings Those two are bosses that have always been around on Runescape and hold some sort of nostalgia for many players I think. Personally DKS have always been my favourite boss for example, due to its unique tribrid nature. You have basically got 2 finished bosses right here that are not a real part of the server. Just make them accessible and give them some worthwile drops. Possible drops to add in general Seeing as the eco of this server really can't handle a bigger flow of items into the game I'd rather stick with untradeable rewards or cash related rewards. To stay in line with what King Black Dragon is some kind of shield could be added. KBD could for example drop 3 different kinds of visages (untradeable) when combined with an anti-fire shield would make a shield (tradeable). I realise shields are considered mostly dead content on here so the stats would have to be considerably high. Some shields however have a couple nice niche uses, I myself often use a scarlet spirit shield for example. So adding this shield and giving it stats comparable to the scarlet spirit shield and obsidian kite (perhaps combine some of the elements from both those shields) would make for an item that's not considered "overpowered" and would not be considered BIS everywhere but it would still be a useful item with some niche uses. Another thing could make for a very nice drop in my opinion would be some kind of token that you could use to instantly complete the cooldown on an aura. Those would have to be made untradeable and rare enough, otherwise everyone would be running around with an aura active 24/7, which is obviously not the desired outcome here. Other rewards I had in mind are skilling supplies comparable to Protean items on RS3. I don't play RS3 myself, but if I'm correct Protean items are stackable skilling supplies (e.g. bars, planks, logs...) which provide the best xp/h in that skill but dont get you any profit at all. The problem here is that it would rapidly become dead content again after reaching 400m in that skill. I'm not sure what would work best if this were to be added. If made untradeable there would be no incentive for maxed players to go there at all seeing as they dont have a use for those items. The newer players however would be "forced" to kill those bosses if they want to get faster skilling xp. If made tradeable the maxed players would have an excess of those items and basically give them away for free to new players (cf. Frost bones from Gradum) and those newer players would not have as much incentive to go there anymore. Something like this would work excellently with easier bosses (seeing as it would be aimed towards newer players) such as Avatar of Destruction, Sea Troll Queen, and Hati. splitting up the different skills (crafting, smithing, fletching, firemaking, construction...) between those bosses would keep them all somewhat relevant and prevent one of them from being the fastest way of gathering the supplies and leaving the others in its shadow. Other rewards that could be easily added where needed are items with a high store price. Some kind of emblems for example that can be sold to the sell shop for cash. This would obviously not reward people with insane amounts of cash, it would just be something to make it worth your time. Sure, I realise that this is kind of a dumb reward, and I think it should be avoided of adding this kind of system to too many bosses. But at least it rewards players with something small instead of killing that one boss 30 times for a slayer task and ending up with no loot at all. I highly doubt those rewards I mentioned here would be enough to revive all of the bosses I mentioned so if anyone has some other suggestions feel free to leave a comment. Or if you have any remarks on anything I wrote in this thread feel free to leave a comment as well. I love getting feedback on what I write and hearing people's thoughts on my idea's (both positive and negative), so please let me know.
  11. I'm not sold on the concept of player owned shops. I fear it will cause the economy to crash. Seeing as people will be able to see multiple offers for a certain item they will try to undercut the others and lower their price in order to get their copy of the item sold faster. The same thing happened with rank lending years ago. It lead up to crazy low erad lend prices and made us add the minimum prices for rank lending that are in the game right now. Secondly there is also a community aspect to it as Papi mentioned which would mostly disappear. As it is right now you can still haggle a bit about the price or make alternative offers with items, I fear that would disappear for a big part as well. Yeah, sure you'll still be able to use the "old" methods for buying/selling items but that market would get a lot smaller. I do understand that it would be a hell of a lot more convenient to sell your items, rather than having to advertise them over and over in the fc, but I do fear it will have a vast negative impact on the economy. I'd propose an alternative mechanic where people can list certain items they want to sell and others would be able to leave a comment on that, letting others know what they'll offer for it. I doubt this would be too useful though seeing as it's basically the same thing as the market section on the discord/forums but then ingame.
  12. I have known you for quite some time and I have never had an issue with you. I know you spent a lot of time on the older revisions of EradicationX and I have seen you online a lot here as well so I don't doubt your knowledge of the game. Besides that you seem to be a nice and helpful person in general. The only thing I'm missing here is a bit of forum presence. You have my support, Good luck!