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  1. Hello again fellow gamer's. I'm posting for a friend since he doesn't know how to make a forums account, but he would love to join Legion. http://prntscr.com/otwx69
  2. Hello fellow gamer's I would greatly appreciate it if you all took the time to view these next couple of screenshots and will forever respect your decision on whether or not i could join this amazon clan. (so I've been told!) https://prnt.sc/otovcn http://prntscr.com/otovly
  3. My name is chicka chicka: Brax 10 billion: https://prnt.sc/or0dq8 Kills Counted: https://prnt.sc/or0e3k https://prnt.sc/or0ef5 Time Spent Online Gaming: https://prnt.sc/or0el7
  4. Ingame-name: Brax Time online? 13d 8h but got reset a while back Why do you want to become a Trusted Gambler? Because gambling is fun. Additional Information:
  5. Totally taking the grind out if people can donate for the best items in game.. and could possibly result in people quitting earlier on. Since they would in a way have nothing to shoot for because they have the best of the best. If option 1 passes it better be super expensive. Almost to the point where people question if its a joke or not.