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  1. Era

    Raid system + reqs

    Great idea, this will be discussed by the team for further analysis
  2. Great Idea, i like how this is brought up, i agree on this, and am very eager to work on this content. One of my goal on this server is not the change how it was originally made which makes the players really like. So my best to do is to upgrade and making it better, fixing what was not fixed before, reworking which was really needed that haven't done before, continuing erad making it better with player based opinion or suggestion. This is the best idea so far in making erad better each day
  3. Era

    Update #9

    [11/28/2018] [Ingame Fixes] {Herblore} - Fixed extreme ranging pots making from (1) up to (4) so you can make them in any doses - Fixed overload making into full pots of extreme potions rather than the annoying (3) - Fixed clean torstol into making an unfinished torstol potion {Technicals} - Disabled banking while offering bones to altar - Disabled banking while unliting fire to beacon {shops} - Made planks into noted ones from construction shop and increase the price - Reworked the pricing on herbs more likely nerfed {Etc} - Disabled ironman from dropping items - Added a drop warning - Added a dropped toggle using management button on EX tab [12/12/2018] [Jenny Update Logs] Added: jenny boss Added: Jenny combat script Added: drops on jenny boss *changed: the price and name on the nude pix scroll on Jenny(change of plans no more nude pix) added: jenny on the boss teleports. added: paramya ticket added: santa pet added: death pet added: father lawrence pet added: pet perks interface [Era] - Added jenny shop options to eradicated seals and character - Reduced jenny drops count - Added santa perk(autoloot drops) - Added an option to loot direct to inventory or bank - You can change by right-clicking talk-to the Santa pet - Added death perk(lifesteal ) - death pet perk will recover your health based on 40% of your damage - Added father Lawrence perk(regen) - father lawrence perk will give you an additional 400 hp regen - Added obsidian champ to boss drop ratio - Perks will last for 24hours(xmas holiday event) and 12hours on normal days - perks will cost 500 paramaya ticket - Perks will only take effect effect with their designated pet being summoned [12/13/2018] - Fixed issue where you can't sell stuff to jenny the selling shop - Added ;;dr command to know your actual bonus drop rate - Added maxhit dummy at home - This will calculate your current maxhit on your current setup - Renamed the dummy into Maxhit dummy - Made the dummy not walkable - Dummy will auto-refresh health all the time - Maxhit dummy will auto chat your current max damage - Maxhit dummy: Added support to range and mage [12/19/2018] - Dragon and ninja implings now at extremezone - Paramaya ticket will now cost 2.5m each - Adjusted the 3 pet perks time into 1 hour each and will cost 100 paramaya tix to activate - Disabled rnak lending from key bind settings [Adjusted prices for skilling money source] cooked rocktails now cost 25k each [New money making method] - Added creation of broad arrows - Broad arrowheads can be bought using slayer points, 5 points = 1k broad arrowheads - To buy broad arrowheads simply right click the slayermaster and the "trade" option - Broad arrows can be sold for 30k each so profit like 1b+ per hour - Made broad arrows better exp then rune arrow crafting [12/20/2018] - adjusted broad arrows price ea from 30k to 150k - adjusted price per 1k broad arrowheads to 10 slayer points each - removed ip address being shown when you login - adjusted pet perks price from 100 tix to 250 tix per hour
  4. doobi doobi dap dap doobi doobi dap dap
  5. Era

    Update #8

    [Ingame Hotfix] - Fixed the bug where you can attack player at home from wildy course - When lended erad rank expires, they will now be removed automatically from jad - Fixed the force teleport location when erad expire from old home to new home - Added Decimation spec, same as Annihilation but Range and Def are boosted - Same process as Obliteration but needs a touch on cache to enable the spec bar - Removed Decimation arrow from rare drops - Added Auto clean npcs before zombie invasion starts to fix the zombie boss and minions to from spawning multiple times [Security Updates] - Reworked buy logs to easily check for investigation purposes - While checking buy logs, found out that eradication seals shop checks twice when you don't have enough seals and its confusing - Reworked sell logs made it very detailed for investigation purposes - Made Sell and Buy logs into per player basis making it easy to investigate - Reworked pickup logs adding coordinates where the item was picked - Each players has its own document for the logging picking up process - Added rare drop logs, for investigation purposes - Reworkd chatlogs to be more detailed than before - Made chatlogs saving on a daily basis - Added Auto Backup of player files Hope you all enjoy! Fin
  6. Era

    Update # 7

    [Client Updates] - Added client zooming using shift+scroll up/down - Added shift+click droping - Added more security features to the client [Server side] -Reworked Annihilation spec * Spec will now increase str,def and attack to 148 * It has the effect of overload * Cannot use or stack with overload * You also need an overload for it to consume and it consume 1 sip * Added a separate timer for the spec and it resets stats when times up just like ovl [Security Update] - Macban is now properly implemented - Added the macban check upon login so macbanned players are blocked - Added password encryption! Hope you all enjoy!
  7. I haven't seen you anymore ingame so staff app denied
  8. you guys are spamming......................fdgvbdfghfsth bfgjhfgjfgjgfj
  9. Era

    Update # 6

    - Removed pets from boss drop ratio - Fixed push-through option on wheat at hunter puro-puro - Decreased gnome agility advance course requirement from 80 to 50 - Decreased agility requirement on the advance barbarian outpost agility course from 90 to 70 - Added agility requirement on wilderness agility course of 85 - Fixed sea singer's as rare drop - Fixed compcape stats, better than 200m capes - Enabled ironman from donating - Added potion timers - Added support interface for fixed screen - Added Overload to potion timers - Added Prayer renewal to potion timers - Added Antifire to potion timers - Added Antipoison to potion timers - Added a unit converter to easily convert game ticks into seconds - Added time unit converter also since fire immunity and poison immunity has different counter New Addition Potion Timers
  10. - timers needs to be fixed into exact seconds cause game tick is 1.6 faster than a second. - fixed screen also needs fix where it displays on center of the screen
  11. IronMan are now able to donate without complications.
  12. Era

    Update # 5

    add faster option for spwning in instance adding potion timers attack style fixes, staff of fire, dom xbow kril/zammy needs nerf/rebalance anni should hit good com cape need better stats than 200m cape seasinger needs to be added to rare drop gnome has lvl 85 requirement needs fix and barb farming seeds only work in small area pets should be atleast 2k kills puro2 push through should be fixed exp book for 1 hour 2x exp added highscores
  13. Era

    Update # 4

    - Added an easy way to edit stats for items - Added stats to summoning master cape - Remove all the training dummies outside extreme donator zone - Removed party pete from party room at falador(an extreme zone npc exclusive) - Increased stats to amulet of fury (or) - Re-balanced gnome agility course and fixed the spamming exploit - Re-balanced barbarian outpost agility course - Added wilderness Agility course - Fixed wilderness agility pipe from being spammed - Re-worked climbing emote and timing + exp gainz - Added home teleporter on wildy agil course - Added extra check so that the teleporter can only be accessed inside the course - Renamed the teleporter into "Teleport Home" - Disabled teleporter from walking - Fixed tzhaar whip 7, added more slash bonus and other bonuses