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  1. Legion is currently open to members of erad (newer or older) with an interest in joining a professional, helpful, and dedicated community of players to enjoy the server with. As we continue to grow in player count, we will host events such as drop parties, hns, and rare drop challenges. Because this is a clan that would also like to help less experienced players on their journey, we don't want to have too difficult standards you're required to meet before applying. Requirements: 10b experience 10k total killcount (new minimum for the clan zone) Must speak fluent English You're not allowed to speak with members of the castle clan The last one is a joke btw. If you're interested, please apply with the following format: In-game name: Screenshot of Kill count: Screenshot of 10b xp cape: Either Creamy, Ganjadawg, Vortex or I will contact you if you’re accepted. Also, castle sucks Fake applications will not be tolerated
  2. In-game Name: Soulpsycho Full Client Screenshot of your 10B Cape: https://gyazo.com/f9ad0b7f7746b969cf51710daff31c8b Full Client Screenshot of your Killcounts: https://gyazo.com/1bc8032104580e2c73345e8b4cfe7bcd https://gyazo.com/f648253154e1a0b7dcbf40f220bd5ae7 Full Client Screenshots of your Time Online: https://gyazo.com/361cb809f896f12ffd13084ab7d6366d
  3. I'll follow the rules unlike these chumps IGN: Soul (THE ONE AND ONLY BADASS) Psycho Screenshot: Result: Video:
  4. I like what you're doing. Only one critique: since you're newer I would suggest making it clear in the title or description that this is a "first impression" style of video. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but then people won't judge you too much for not knowing some information or running around trying to find the shop
  5. Thanks for making a video, man. Can't wait to hear more from you.
  6. I'm SoulPsycho and I approve this message
  7. You're welcome haha. I didn't know what to expect from the beginning and ended up winning more than I thought was possible. #ForScience
  8. Every item pictured in this tab I won directly from spins Total (Useful) Rares Won: 135+ Trimmed Armor Box: 41 Cosmetic Box: 20 Spirit Shields: 69 Partyhats/Santa: 5 Not Included: Drygores (They went directly to the item well) Bandos Helm/Chestplate/Tassets (sold to the sell shop) Malevolent Energy (used or sold to players) Spell Scrolls (used on myself for spell power)
  9. talk to me ingame when you get the chance, or discord please
  10. I'm offering 250b but if you want more just lmk as long as it's not a ridiculous price.
  11. That's a low blow Sadie........
  12. Especially since we have a portal that takes us right to Bal'lak, is there really a need for multiple spawn locations?
  13. such easy money bank made
  14. This is an excellent suggestion since the current auras other than vamp and wisdom have no practical use in our server. All of your suggestions are balanced while still having enough value to them that they would be worth buying and using in the long term. I especially like the idea of having auras that drain loyalty so that even after the other auras are bought, there's still a use for the points.