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  1. Tect

    Buying off-hand Oblit

    Pm here or in game, thanks!
  2. Very nice, helpful for those who need it.
  3. Suggestions Jad now drops Obsidian shards at a rate of 0.6% Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration special attacks will now require an Eradicator Potion to activate, returning it's 148 stats. Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration special attacks will now require an Overload to activate, nerfing it's stats to 138.
  4. A smelly guy but undoubtedly incredibly qualified for this. hands down is the strongest player I could think of currently for a position such as this. Wish you the best, and I'd truly be surprised if you didn't get it.
  5. Tect

    Slayer helmet accessories

    ⊂_ヽ  \\    \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)    > ⌒ヽ   /   へ\   /  / \\   レ ノ   ヽ_つ  / /  / /| ( (ヽ | |、\ | 丿 \ ⌒) | |  ) /ノ )  Lノ(_/
  6. Selling slayer helmets accessories. Pieces - 100m ea
  7. Can we either remove this pole, or make it so that the portal doesn't teleport you there. Also can we fix how attacking Bal'Lak works here, currently you can attack from here, or here. What even. Attacking anywhere else in pic #1 will run you down towards the pole until you change to the correct square, and in pic #2 it will run you down past the wall, until you fix and attack from that square, as well as in pic #3 just remove that spawn please. Thanks!
  8. I'm going to have to pass on this aswell, as ingame.. you don't have much of a presence, you've recently been into HM trio, but you don't have a voice for helping the common, simple questions we see from time to time.
  9. Glad to see PIES poppin' off
  10. It would be nice, at this point I just have a uncooked stew pile i'll never touch. Hope to see this ingame!
  11. Tect

    Future bosses

    It would be nice to have these bosses in their real form so to speak, but also even just as ideas I feel as if they would make good additions in concept itself. Meaning that a npc like hairymonkey for example, could be made and have mechanics similar to lets say the Vorago option, as cool as it would be we don't NEED it to be Vorago himself, but hopefully in the future something along the lines of this could happen.
  12. I'm aware (and excited) for the raids to be implemented into the game in the coming future, but here are some spitball ideas for other bosses. (Please comment if you have another boss in mind) Vorago: Level 850, Hp: 60,000 (Adding 20,000 per player instance, min. 3 max 5) Araxxor: Level 600, hp: 45,000 Araxxi: Level 600, hp 20,000 TzKal-Zuk: Level 1400, hp: 12,000 Zulrah: Level 725, hp 15,000
  13. Tect

    Frostbite dagger

    Buying this elusive dagger for 15B.