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  1. That was a wonderful guide! Good to see me in the video ANSWERING THE TRIVIA BEFORE YOU...! ♥ I hope to see you do more videos in the near future! You have a very nice voice, for video making.
  2. DEFINITELY Option A! Having that thrill of thinking; "I MIGHT GET A PET NEXT DROP!" is fantastic! Also, I think I should be a boss. More than I already am
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, noname. Yes, the instanced area for Brutal Dragons, is quite large and spaced out - unfortunately, this won't be being changed as it is quite a good area, and the frame rate is low and nothing is squished together.
  4. I don't even need to respond for you to know my vote ♥
  5. This is a good looking application. However, I cannot vote YES, as I do not see you online enough as you used to be. This might be because of a timezone problem, or it may be a work problem. Good luck ♥
  6. If I can suggest something; @eradicator - I'd recommend putting a lot more detail into your application, so we can get a proper description of the assets you can provide, for the role you're applying for.
  7. If there is one thing I've learned in life, it's to not care about peoples negative opinions and general negativity. It's not worth quitting over, because someone has an opinion on you. Best to brush it off, and ignore them. That's how I get through all my haters x
  8. Please do not quote negativity. Thanks for your vote.
  9. In-Game Name: Luci How old are you? 19 Time Zone: Australia - NSW - AEST < Time What languages do you speak? English, Indonesian. What position are you applying for? Support Staff. Why do you want to be part of the staff team? That's simple really. The Australian timezones don't have anyone really helping anyone, from around 2pm - 11pm. (This is going by New South Wales time of course, ) GMT+10 < I figured since I am online at that time, every single day, and my game knowledge is absolutely phenomenal(not to brag), due to me playing the First EradicationX Server, I thought this would be a good idea. I have a very fast WPM (Words Per Minute) typing speed, so I am very quick to react to anything said to me, whether it be in the CC, ;;yell, normal chat, PM, whichever. Discord even. I have a helpful personality, ever since I was like 6 years old. I always put myself first (as everyone should), but I also think of what others could benefit from me, if I was to help them. There is only one Server Support (that I've seen anyway), and he's barely on this timezone, nor is there any mods, on either. the admins are either AFK working, doing something else, or just idling and relaxing. There is no 'actual' help in the timezone. It all comes from the player. Concluding though, so I don't make you read an essay; There should be a staff member of any sort, in the AEST timezone, and I feel, maybe, just maybe - I *could* fill that role. Do you have any past staff experience? Where to start... Co-Owner on Rs3Server - 2009 Administrator on old NRS3Server - 2011 Moderator on Near Reality - 2011 Support Staff on Alotic - 2015 Support Staff on OSRUNE - 2017 (Back when I got back into playing) Support Staff on Runite - 2017 Support Staff on Kavachi - 2019 Some other little ones ^ Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? The role of a SERVER SUPPORT should not be taken lightly. It's a role where people think of you as 'starting up', or a 'wannabe moderator', etc. Wrong. Being a Server Support is making a name for yourself, and 'supporting' the community, and helping out with the toxicity, helping others around you, while still playing the game and having fun. Server Support is a role where you have a chance to prove yourself, and even if you don't, you can still help others just by being you. There is a lack of this from what I can see, but that's just my opinion. Enjoy the Application~