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  1. Lol, none of this is good. -1 Don't like any of the updates here. People are going to hoard obby shards now, so the market on obsidian and obby shards are gonna go up. Degradation is dumb, because you would need to hoard the weapons too, so prices on those are going up so less access to other or lower tier players. Elite will be useless now as the only reason to get it would be to have that boost from regular obby, so only the rich will be able to handle the upkeep, and for me personally if i could choose between obsidian and a better obsidian armor that degrades, i'm going to pick the one I don't have to maintain.
  2. Ingame name: Eradicator What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Eradicator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped:
  3. In-Game Name: Eradicator How old are you? 21 Time Zone: Pacific Standard What languages do you speak? English, with some Spanish and am still learning Spanish. What position are you applying for? Server Support Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I would love to be part of the staff team as I am on fairly often, I have played this server in the past and I would really love to be a part of the team. I am on, playing this server most days of the week, for most of the day (while i'm not at work of course). I also genuinely love the server as is, and also genuinely love helping others and I want to see the server grow and prosper. Although I don't fit the AUS time zone, I feel it would work out as the times I am on I seem to see a lot of faces, usually ~40 players on while i'm on as well as me being on at night. I feel my time is a slight bonus as well as there are times when, although not ~super often~, other staff simply isn't on at all, and players still need help. Being part of this team would be a great honor as it means I can be a part of something great; a great server with great staff and a great and ever expanding community. Do you have any past staff experience? Admin 2011 - RS2 Server Mod 2012 - BeastPK Helper 2012 - OSRS Server Support 2013 - RS2 Server Helper 2015 - RS3 Server Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? I believe the role of Server Support entails many responsibilities. It is essentially the step below moderator, where in my mind is the "bottom of the totem pole". Essentially every staff "rank" is going to have different responsibilities, and as Support you are there to handle any disputes, enforce rules, help with smaller problems essentially. This is introductory staff in a way as you don't have too much "power", and yet you still have power and control within the server.
  4. lol took a while, but did it long enough that I literally got in the flow and it was fine halfway through. LMAO
  5. eradicator


    Hm. Lets see what I can get? Before: After: After Sold:
  6. Ingame name: Eradicator What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Reg Donor Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped: https://gyazo.com/86481d091490f24a7fed13cd18fd75b9
  7. I +1 this but I feel like a better way of handling it would be either bidding, so it doesn't kill prices by allowing someone else to immediately price it lower, or set a limit on what can be put in there. Example: no obby, ranks(or at least the top ranks), elite weps, flammy, etc. since they're xxx$$. Maybe set like a 10b limit? or like 8 or something to get the lower items flowing like regular rcr, asc, etc.