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  1. I support the changes it will def benefit the servers health in the long run
  2. INGAME NAME: Infamousz TOTAL LEVEL: 2496 TIME PLAYED: 2d 7h 43m WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: because the clan name is pies.. yeh thats it
  3. I love the idea of Araxxi and vorago but i think they should be added just as a boss and not uder the raids tag. My idea for raids would to have a 3 miniboss stages which skill in difficulty with no drops ofc(maby like a duo jad stage, rots stage, etc) and a final new boss (prob a quest boss or the death npc pretty sure it has attack animations) for the reward i would recommend a 2h drop for each style with a spellpower upgrade which would be bis 2h
  4. I would like to add that i think these ideas are great. And yes all of them(okay maby player owned shops is debatable) like you stated will likely improve the server. But points 4-7 + bank place holders while good i think the amount of work each of those will take. Wouldnt justify the content currently. But great post overall
  5. I agree that there should be a buffed slightly my suggestion would be raise the price of super bones to 7m. and make a super dung zone. with either a medium lamp or creatures that are faster to kill. as many dont like to do dung and lamping it or buying the small lamps. this would def give worth to the rank in my opinion.
  6. i def support the idea of making th white elite set a dye. and im also up for making comp ammy harder to get but best in slot for all 3 styles