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    Haha, funny topic title from someone that doesn't do anything else other than afking home hehe hee heehehehe Nah, on a serious note, now that the server's activity is increasing the rule of you not being able to afk bosses should be re-implemented in my opinion. This is mainly due to newer players wanting to farm certain bosses in regular rooms and if a top tier player is afk bossing in a regular room they won't stand a chance and they wouldn't be able to pay for an instance either so I reckon a change is necessary. Feel free to post your opinions Your loyal afking friend, Ken
  2. In-game Name: Ken Full Client Screenshot of your 10B Cape: http://prntscr.com/orodp5 Full Client Screenshot of your Killcounts: http://prntscr.com/oroe72 http://prntscr.com/oroehf Full Client Screenshots of your Time Online: http://prntscr.com/oroe0x
  3. You seem like a very positive person and I'm glad to hear that you've been enjoying the server so far, definitely looking forward to you making guides on certain skills and much more!
  4. Hey there Tony, welcome to EradicationX and I hope you enjoy your stay. Looking forward to seeing you post YouTube video's of the server.
  5. Was a short but straight to the point application, I like it. You're a very friendly member of the community and you've been around for a while yourself and you're very helpful when you want to be, I'd like to see you put in a little more effort in helping in the friends chat but other than that you're active enough for your time zone and I'd love to see you as a helper when the applicants get chosen. I wish you the best of luck, you have my yes vote. Leave my corporeal baby alone, I like kicking sand at it.
  6. Wouldn't mind to see you start as a helper on the server and see how you actually do, you're an easy person to talk, you're quite helpful and you're very friendly. You've been around the source for quite a while and I'd love to see how you would do as a staff member.
  7. I myself wouldn't mind that as much but I don't think the whole purpose of regular slayer is to be able to afk it, mainly because you're able to make money off of regular tasks as well as it being an achievement for the completetionist amulet and we still want it to be somewhat challenging even though it's quite easy to obtain as of right now. If we were to ever make it so all npc's in slayer tower were aggressive we would basically be promoting afking and that wouldn't make us look good. How about aggressive flasks/potions? If that's even possible, make it so you can obtain those as a drop from slayer tower npc's after you purchased some sort of ability from the regular slayer shop with an X amount of points.
  8. I used to love getting 2,000 kills to obtain a boss pet, I still do, but by the looks of it the community would much rather have it that they're RNG based and it's quite nice to see, actually. I'm more of a fan of obtaining them at 2,000 kills but it also makes it almost impossible for mid-tier players to obtain a boss pet so it'd be nice for them to have a chance of obtaining it as a drop before reaching the end-game and then having to go and grind bosses.
  9. Ken


    Welcome back! I had a conversation with you when you first joined and you seem like a really friendly person so it's nice to see you back. Enjoy your stay!
  10. I don't see why not so you have my vouch for your suggestion as well, would love to see this implemented.
  11. In-Game Name: Ken How old are you? 21 Time Zone: GMT +1 What languages do you speak? Dutch, English What position are you applying for? Server Support Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I'd love to be part of the staff team mainly due to the knowledge and support I can offer to the server. I know almost everything from the server like the back of my hand, I love communicating with the community and being involved in whatever event there's going on. I've been around for a very long time and I feel like I've got what it takes to become a Server Support mainly because I'm active enough and I help out as much as I can. I love helping people more than anything, whether it's something related to real life or just in-game help I'm more than certain of it myself that I can provide both. Do you have any past staff experience? I used to be a Server Support on ReignX. (Original EradicationX but with different management) Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? When it comes to being a server support, I believe the requirement to it is that you should be active enough, show respect to everyone, treat everyone equally and put in the effort that it takes to consider yourself a good staff member. As for what's expected when you become a Server support, I think the staff team would love it that you're active, helpful, show that you're really up for the task as a Server Support and that you put in as much effort that is needed.
  12. I can't give you that much criticism to be honest except for one small thing I have noticed here and there, anyway, you're active, you're helpful, you're an easy person to have conversations with and I believe you got what it takes to become a part of the staff team, however I have noticed that you can be negative towards certain people that you don't like (not going to be giving any names you probably know who they are) and if you were to become a Server Support I'd try and make sure that things like that don't happen anymore as it would just look unprofessional but I am almost sure of it that you'd make sure that things like that won't happen again and that you'll make a very good Server Support. You have my yes.
  13. Well as some of you may or may not know, uncooked stews used to be one of the most wanted item in the shops back on the first EradicationX and that mainly due to it being very good for invasion tokens and it's quite a shame to see that both uncooked stews and the rocktail soup ability doesn't get used anymore or even sold by players as it's just not desirable in any way or form currently seeing as it only gives you 3 tokens per rocktail soup and the burn rate is incredibly high and it just doesn't feel rewarding enough. - For those of you who aren't familiar with this I'll explain it really quickly. On old erad you were able to cook stews and mix those with a cooked rocktail to obtain a rocktail soup which could be sold for 10 invasion tokens each to the invasion shop which would get you 140 invasion tokens each inventory (this still works but you won't make as much tokens per inventory, just a quick example). Currently, there's not many ways to obtain invasion tokens other than the daily raids known as Nurn which spawns every 6 hours, so my suggestion for this would be either nerf the burn rate considering the amount of tokens you get now got nerfed to the ground or possibly even make it so you actually get 5 tokens instead of 3, whichever the community prefers. To give you an idea that it's really not worth cooking stews right now I cooked a quick inventory of stews and that's the amount of stews I burned in one inventory. Think about it.
  14. Seems to be one of the only applicants with an appealing application (no offence to any of the other applicants I wish you all the best), I had a good read checking out your application and other than that you've got a very nice personality as well as you being very, very helpful when one is in need and we all know, or at least, most do, that you're well known with this source itself and from what I've seen so far in-game wise you're always helping when one is in need and that's what this server needs. Your timezone is perfect for it, considering there's hardly any staff if even any around the timezone they're currently looking for one and it seems fair enough for me to say that you'd fit the role too. Best of luck with your application!