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  1. Greetings Community, During the past days, weeks & months we've been receiving a lot of feedback on our current game-play and we'd like to thank every person who've had something good to say, but most importantly those who've given constructive feedback for us to improve the server. We want you to know that every single feedback have been taken into account and that we're going to do something about it. And so, the Administrative Team have finally came to a conclusion and this is what we're gonna do; Alternative World! We're going to be creating an alternative world which will be adjusted and based off on all the feedback we've received. This world will be known as "World 2". In this world, the game progression will be completely changed. We will be revamping the content in order to make it more enjoyable for all the players. This will hopefully make it easier for us to receive and maintain new and existing players, whilst keeping them entertained with the content. The game will be significantly much more "difficult" than it already is and you can expect to see some real big changes within the progression. Does this mean our accounts get reset? No, but also yes. As we want to eventually make this our main world (and it wouldn't make sense to reset every account) we've decided that you'll be able to keep everything you have obtained on your account, except for one precious thing. This thing is, most of your bank. As we will be making changes as to how you're able to obtain various of items, we'd prefer to start the economy fresh in order to prevent issues where donators had a significantly much higher advantage, again. Most items in your bank, will vanish, if not completely. So, what do you get to keep specifically? You'll be keeping everything except for majority of the items that will be getting reset. What these items will be, we don't know yet, but it'll be a rather heavy fall. This means you will be able to keep XP, Spell Power, Kill Counts and things like that. We're not 100% sure of what we're going to keep and what we're not but more information on that will come. One thing that is certain however, is that you will not be keeping the Amulet of Completion. Again, just because some people have reading difficulties; we are not 100 percent sure of what you will be able to keep or not when it comes to your items! More information will come! Note: Ironmen Accounts will be getting reset as we'll make adjustments to whereas these accounts cannot donate. Refunds will obviously be given to the ones who donated and haven't given up on the account. What will get changed? The goal is to make an overhaul to reach the server's true potential. EradicationX has and is being locked behind donator ranks for quite a long time as well as it's game progression has been rather easy and boring. We'd like to make that part more fun and enjoyable whilst we also change the donator perks and things like requirements. We'll balance the game so that you don't have to either donate or spend 50000 hours just to simply progress to the next stage. We'll make it fair and enjoyable for anyone who plays. Who will be working on this? Sadie will be the main-developer of this project whilst Era keeps working on the main server. If you have any questions about this project then please refer to anyone within the Administrative Team. When will this be released? The ETA we currently have for the second world is; October 16th, which also happens to be EradicationX - Reborn's one year Anniversary, which we'll celebrate by hosting BIG events on this world (hopefully). More details on that however, will be announced at a later time. It is however important to remember, that the server you're currently playing on will be World 1, which will always be online and wont be affected by any changes we're currently doing on World 2. If you have any questions about what's been said, do not hesitate to ask! We're happy to answer any questions you may have about this. We hope you're just as excited as we are to release a revamped EradicationX which will hopefully be MUCH more enjoyable than it currently is! Do you have something specific you'd like to see on the second world? Be sure to leave a suggestion!
  2. Appreciate the suggestion, we're gonna look closer into it. If you're still looking to suggest more, I'd recommend looking at the HCIM vote store and comparing it to the current one. Obviously I've been thinking about how we're able to change the one to the public myself, but I came nowhere. The HCIM Vote Shop basically lets you purchase small shortcuts to "tedious and difficult" steps within the mode. E.G; buying 100 frost dragon bones for 12 votes (each day) instead of having to kill 100 frost dragons. And even then, 400m would take a long time, but you see the point? It's worth it but not too overpowered at the same time. If you manage to get some ideas like that, that'd be great, either way, thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Hardcore Ironman Note: This mode is in a BETA and will be constantly updated! If you notice any bugs/issues when playing the mode, report it to a Staff Member so it can be changed ASAP. Hardcore Ironman: We've decided to finally add some difficulty to the Iron Man mode as the one currently existing, does not contain a lot, if any difficulty at all. This game mode will not be as the original HCIM from RuneScape, it is adjusted to how EradicationX Iron Man used to be, with some tweaks. We strongly do not recommend people who are expecting something "easy" or short-term to play this game mode, but if you do, good luck! This mode will be exacly like the current Iron Man mode, but as aforementioned, there will be some tweaks. The Hardcore version will not have access to a number of things, and will be steadily updated with more content exclusively for these players. P.S: In this mode you will not have access to donate. The mode is in a beta, if you have any suggestions, find something that's not quite right or even find bugs, be sure to let a staff member know so they can forward it to the Developers to fix. Information: This mode will be updated regularly with content suggested from the players playing it. You will receive exclusive bosses and will have to grind longer for certain items to receive what you're desiring. You will not be able to donate and you will have access to the regular Iron Man zone. You will not have a bonus drop rate and you will not have access to a few shortcuts / bosses. Loot you won't able to receive easily: Charms, Amulet of Fury, Amulet of Fury (or), Imbued Rings, Frost Dragon Bones and Bolts. Skills that will be needing a significantly much more time to max: Prayer, Combat, Summoning, Fishing, Cooking, Items that aren't easily obtained and that'll be commonly used, will be in the HCIM Vote Store where you can purchase crates of each VERY useful item for Voting Tickets. To receive Dragon, Onyx and Ruby Bolts, you will need to kill QBD for the tips and use it on the bolts from the HCIM Ranged Store. Perks: There are no perks. Limitations: You will not have access to these teleports: Maximum Gradum Necrolord Sea Troll Queen Shops Home1 Home2 Certain Skilling teleports You will not have access to use these shortcuts: Wildytree Wildyspirits Boss Teleport Interface You will not have access to use these objects: Altar Saradomin's Altar Bandos' Altar Armadyl's Altar You will not have access to these keybinds: Borrow a rank Lend a rank Shops Hardcore Areas: ;;iz ;;hcim ;;frosties (you need to wear a Fire Cape to be able to access the Frost Dragon Dungeon!) ::dagannoth Golden Armoury: The Golden Obsidian Armoury is the new Best In Slot armoury for all styles. Melee = Set bonus of 1.5x (Greg has 1.4x) Magic = Set bonus of 1.6x (Vin has 1.5x) Ranged = Set bonus of 1.4x (Furie has 1.3x) Golden Court Rapiers & Golden obsidian 3 Golden Feather + Gregorvic/Vindicta/Furie Body = Golden Platebody 3 Golden Feather + Gregorvic/Vindicta/Furie Legs = Golden Platelegs 3 Golden Feather + Gregorvic/Vindicta/Furie Helms = Golden Helmets 6 Golden Feather + 6 Enchanted Obsidian Shards = Golden Boots & Gloves 5 Golden Feather + Citius Weapon = Golden Rapier Note: Cannot use Goliath/Swift/Spellcaster versions. Miscellaneous Updates: (as of Wednesday, August 14th) [Era] Added Raids counter to task tab. Added Raids announcement per 100 kills. Added bank1, bank2, inventory & equipment to add to the bank value. A notepad has been created for Administrators to easily change the price values. Added bank2 keybind. Changed Administrator into Server Executive. Furies Set bonus should now work properly. Fixed the bug where killing Nex sometimes wouldn't give you a kill and or share of the Spell Power. Made it so that you can use Full Elite White Obsidian in the Raids. Fixed the Elite White Obby bonus. Fixed the issue where the player's time online would reset after X amount of days. Moved Super Dragons into new instance. Fixed Anti-bot not appearing Added a loot message when having Santa Pet activated Made Wildy Cursed Trees produce Reg Logs instead of Cursed Made Cursed Logs 1.5m instead of 3m Fixed deactivatewell for Administrators Made donator gem stall give 4x reward with thieving perk Fixed the problem where others could pick up your pet Added a code by reddragon and customized it a little which shows people's killcount when examining their pet. (Green = Lower than yours, Red = Higher than yours). [Sadie] Added a checkarmour command to easily check which bonuses you have. Added a Castle command, clan zone for the clan known as "#Castle". Added a Legion command, clan zone for the clan known as "Legion". Customized both these zones after preference. Added a totalkc command which was made by Reddragon, this command will add up all your kills and tell you the total. Added Phoenix Instance. Added Hero Boss Instance. Fixed the issue where the Phoenix and Hero boss would spawn back one tile upon death. Fixed the issue where Phoenix spawned twice in the instance. Added Hardcore Ironman. Added Completionist Cave. Fixed Lent Donator not having full access to the commands. Added Raids armour check to the actual Raids, so you can use them in the Raid. Made Red Logs Stackable Added Papi command Added Dragon, Onyx, Ruby, Bone, Dhide (x100) crates and restore/brew x10 crates. Removed most junks from Papi drop table Changed Hardmode Trio back to how it was prior to the change Removed Annihilation & Decimation from Hairymonkey Added Annihilation & Decimation to Avatar of Destruction Added Nex Pet to the nex drop table Nerfed Amulet of Fury, Saradomin's Whisper Buffed Amulet of Fury (or) Made HCIM unable to use ;;donate Made HCIM unable to claim any pending donation Removed the "Shops" Npc Removed all NPC's from the floor above home. Fixed the bug where getting the loyalty points first time says you have 0 rather than 250. Added Nex Pet to Nex Drop Table. Added the new obsidian Added the new rcrs Added Dagannoth Kings Fixed the ladder/stair to Dagannoth Kings Changed the mining speed of the Coal, Adamantite and Runite ores. Added a check in the giveup dialogue to prevent people from spamming it. Disabled HCIM from access various teleports which led to them able to use public shops.
  4. Instances sending you home when ending will be added next update.
  5. We've now made it possible for each big clans to purchase unique perks/benefits for their clan members, to increase the popularity of being inside of a clan. These things are currently only the Cursed Magic Trees & Tormented Demons, but we'll make sure to update with new perks as we receive further ideas. To purchase trees or a demon, you need to have a Clan Zone, which you're able to apply for by talking to an Administrator. If your clan is big enough depending on which standards you have, you may or may not be granted with a Clan Zone. Prices: Cursed Magic Tree - 1T Party Demon - 1T You may only pay using the items listed below: Custom Donations: We're now also allowing people to donate for customized items, that they cannot find on the Donation Store. If you're wanting to purchase something to make you stand out in-game, then this is how you're able to do it. Custom Donations can be items such as; Buying current existing Cosmetic Rares Recolored Armour Recolored Weapons Recolored Rares To purchase armour that exists in-game with stats, you will need to trade in that item or another worth the same to replace with the custom one you're purchasing. E.g: Buying a recolored obsidian set will make you have to trade in an obsidian set to receive the recolored version. Prices: Purchasing your own Customized Exclusive 1 in-game rare - ($500) Purchasing a Customized Rare but others will have access to buy it as well - ($250) Purchasing a currently existing non-exclusive item - ($150) If you have any questions about this then contact a Staff Member. To purchase any of these items you will need to contact one of the Owners.
  6. Hello, After a long & sweaty poll we've finally concluded with a result. The choices made were determined by the player's bank wealth, their activity, their personality and their overall in-game progress. As we have decided to limit the amount of players we'd like in the clan, we'll only be accepting 5 people in total. The reason we're doing this is to prevent everyone playing to be in the same clan, as we, and the players, want some sort of competition between clans. If we limit the spots, maybe someone will decide to create their own and become the next big clan, and perhaps even better than #castle. Anyway... the people who's name are listed below are the ones we'll be accepting into the clan: We also ask these players to contact Papi / Sadie / Xilent in-game to receive the invite. Donald Duck Hades Brax Ken On Probation: Mikey We'd like to thank the rest of you for showing interest in joining, but unfortunately this is necessary to bring more clans into the game. The applications will now be closed until we see another clan arise from the ground.
  7. This post are for those looking to join a clan focused on PvM and or PvP. We have fairly high requirements, as we hold the quality of our clan highly, as a result each application will be put up to a vote and entry is decided by clan management. If your application is denied, you will have to wait at least two week before reapplying. Large scale PvM events, giveaways and a trading system with the clan bank are a few of the main benefits of joining the clan, as well as being part of a long lived and highly esteemed clan. However, we do have limited spots to ensure the highest quality. Requirements: Minimum of 10,000 Total Killcount. MInimum of 10 Billion Experience. Minimum of 10 Days Time Online. Application Formatting: In-game Name: Full Client Screenshot of your 10B Cape: Full Client Screenshot of your Killcounts: Full Client Screenshots of your Time Online: The Applications are currently CLOSED! Any troll applications will be violating the Forum Rules. Any Application that does not follow the format given above, will be denied immediately. Some perks that you will be able to take advantage of when being a member: Official Customized Clan Zone which is given to all "Big" Clans. (::castle) This zone includes things such as a Tormented Demon & Cursed Magic Tree. Official Clank bank which is used for events within the clan. You can also sell/purchase items from and to this bank. Official Customized Clan Title . A unique Forums Signature; Anyone impersonating being a member of the clan and or using the clan signature/title will be punished accordingly.
  8. This is all changes applied to make the beginner phases more enjoyable and easier. It's an update for the newer players. Starter Package: Old ----- New ----- Slayer: Added a way to teleport to the Fremmenik Dungeon (::fremslayer) In this dungeon there's additions to the Kuradal Slayer. Regular Slayer Tower; Made Crawling Hands drop 1m per kill. Made Jellies drop 1-1.1m per kill. Made Banshee's drop 1-1.2m per kill. Made Infernal Manges drop 1-1.3m per kill. Made Bloodvells drop 1-1.4m per kill. Made Aberrant Spectres drop 1-1.5m per kill. Made Gargoyles drop 1-1.6m per kill. Made Nechryaels drop 1-1.7m per kill. Made Dark Beast drop 1-1.8m per kill. Made Abyssal Demons drop 1-1.9m per kill. Fremmenik Dungeon; Made Cave Crawlers drop 5m coins per kill. Made Rock Slugs drop 5-5.1m coins per kill. Made Pyrefiend's drop 5-5.2m coins per kill. Made Basilisk's drop 5-5.3m coins per kill. Made Jelly drop 5-5.4m coins per kill. Made Turoth drop 5-5.5m coins per kill. Made Kurask drop 5-5.6m coins per kill. All of these slayer monsters also have a chance of dropping a Slayer Helm Part Key at a 5% rate. Stat changes: Changed Kurask's Hitpoints to 3500 and put a max hit to 400. Changed Turoth's Hitpoints to 2000 and put a max hit to 400. Changed Jelly's Hitpoints to 1750 and put a max hit to 400. Changed Basilisk's Hitpoints to 1500 and put a max hit to 400. Changed Pyrefiend's Hitpoints to 1250 and put a max hit to 400. Changed Rock Slug's Hitpoints to 1000 and put a max hit to 400. Changed Cave Crawler's Hitpoints to 750 and put a max hit to 400. Other Changes; Changed the minimum Slayer Tasks to 25 kills and Maximum to 50 kills. Made it so you need a level of 1 or higher to receive Cave Crawler's as a task. Made it so you need a level of 5 or higher to receive Rock Slug's as a task. Made it so you need a level of 30 or higher to receive Pyrefiend's as a task. Made it so you need a level of 70 or higher to receive Basilisk's as a task. Made it so you need a level of 80 or higher to receive Jelly (fremmy) as a task. Made it so you need a level of 80 or higher to receive Turoth as a task. Made it so you need a level of 85 or higher to receive Kurask as a task. Made it so you need a level of 95 or higher to receive Ganodermic Beasts as a task. Made it so you need a level of 95 or higher to receive Glacor's as a task. Ganodermic Armour Changes; Made the beast's drop 5-8m Ganodermic Flakes per kill. Made the PolyPore staff drop rate 5%. Added new stats for the armour; Bosses: Nerfed the Eradicator Boss' defence and maxhit by a lot, this way newer players won't get destroyed upon trying to receive the upgradeable gear. Nerfed Necrolord's defence by a lot, and replaced its normal rings with Berserker Ring (i), Archer's Ring (i), Seer's Ring (i) and Warrior's Ring (i). Nerfed the hitpoints of fear from 12k to 5k. Nerfed the Jenny max hit from 750 to 300. Nerfed Zamorak's defence by a lot. Nerfed Bandos defence by a lot. Nerfed Extremeboss hitpoints from 31k to 5k. Nerfed Regboss hitpoints from 24k to 5k. Drop Rates: Changed the Rise of The Six drop rate from 1/50 to 1/10 (for Malevolent Energies) Changed the Armadyl Chestplate drop rate from 14% to 20%. Changed the Armadyl Chainskirt drop rate from 14% to 20%. Changed the Armadyl Helmet drop rate from 14% to 20%. Changed the Bandos Chestplate drop rate from 14% to 20%. Changed the Bandos Tassets drop rate from 14% to 20%. Changed the Bandos Helmet drop rate from 14% to 20%. Changed the Subjugation Hood drop rate from 8% to 20%. Changed the Subjugation Garb drop rate from 8% to 20%. Changed the Subjugation Gown drop rate from 8% to 20%. Changed the Subjugation Gloves drop rate from 8% to 20%. Changed the Subjugation Boots drop rate from 8% to 20%. Changed Blink Drygore Drop rates from 1.2% to 9%. Changed Extremeboss Tokhaar Warlord Helm drop rate from 1.2% to 2.5%. Changed Extremeboss Tokhaar Warlord Body drop rate from 1.2% to 2.5%. Changed the Extremeboss Tokhaar Warlord Legs drop rate from 1.2% to 2.5%. Changed the Extremeboss Tokhaar Warlord Boots drop rate from 1.2% to 2.5%. Changed the Extremeboss Tokhaar Warlord Gloves drop rate from 1.2% to 2.5%. Changed the Regboss Tokhaar Warlord Helm drop rate from 1.2% to 4%. Changed the Regboss Tokhaar Warlord Body drop rate from 1.2% to 4%. Changed the Regboss Tokhaar Warlord Legs drop rate from 1.2% to 4%. Changed the Regboss Tokhaar Warlord Boots drop rate from 1.2% to 4%. Changed the Regboss Tokhaar Warlord Gloves drop rate from 1.2% to 4%. Suggestions?: Got any suggestions as to what content or changes you'd like to see? Be sure to leave a note on our Forums or using the appropriate text-channel on Discord! Got any feedback on the server or our staff team? Feel free to leave some feedback Here to help us improve even more! Thanks, EradicationX Staff Team.
  9. Donator Bosses & Zones Update Phoenix (Level: 235) (Supreme Donator Boss) Drop table: (100%) Eradicator Flask (6) (100%) Eradicated Bones (30%) Noted Eradicated Bones (1.2%) Gold Feather (ID: 10175) (1.2%) Scroll of Power Information: You can access this boss by using the ::supremeboss teleport. This boss is weak to Ranged, and will not be easy to defeat. It is mostly meant for end-game players. It is recommended that you pray Ranged, as the boss will mainly hit using Ranged, with powerful attacks. But it'll also have a very powerful Magic Special Attack which can kill you right away, unless you move. (Known as Amaterasu) "Amaterasu" When the phoenix says this phrase, it is recommended that you move at least one tile away to prevent taking MASSIVE damage. A black, purple-ish flame will appear from the ground and deal HIGH damage to you if you do not move! Pro tip: Move one tile and switch to Magic Prayer. (Quick Prayers). Golden Feather: The golden feather is for no use for supreme donators... it's actually an accessory for people who've obtained the full White Obsidian Armour Set. By using this feather on an Elite Obsidian & White Obsidian set you're able to transform the White Obsidian set into having the same stats as the Elite Obsidian Set. This requires you to sacrifice the Elite Obsidian set, and the White Obsidian set will be untradeable. Eradicator Flask: It's finally here! The eradicator potion... but in Flask versions! Same perks and benefits as the original Eradicator Potion, but instead it has 6 doses rather than 1. This potion is currently only obtainable through the Supreme and Hero boss. Note: They are functional for the Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration special attack. Scroll of Power: The scroll of power... it lets you achieve a very powerful hybrid styled combat ring! But hey... of course it's not as simple as that. In order to receive this ring you need to sacrifice a Tyrannical, Treasonous and Ring of the Gods & the scroll itself to receive the brand new... Ring of Power. Compare to others below; Vampyre Jeavnour (Level: 1337) (Hero Boss) Drop table: (100%) Eradicated Flask (6) (100%) Eradicated Bones (30%) Noted Eradicated Bones (1.2%) White Hare Meat (1.2%) Obsidian shard (1.2%) Present Information: You can access this boss by using the ::heroboss command. This boss isn't super powerful which means it doesn't deal too much damage. You're suggested to simply pray magic and have fun killing it. White Hare Meat: The flash of the legendary animal Hare... will let you purchase White Obsidian Armour pieces from the shop at ::heroboss. Supreme Donator Zone: The supreme donators will have access to their own exclusive zone, with better npc benefits. At this zone you will find a Tormented Demon, two Undead Zombies and an extra Dragith nurn every 6th hour. We didn't really find any super good ideas to put in the zone, therefore hero zone will not be made and supreme zone will receive further updates as we manage to get more ideas/suggestions. Miscellaneous Changes: Added Phoenix Boss Added Hero Boss Made Phoenix and Hero Boss give 20 SP each kill Made the Undead Zombie give 25 SP each kill. Made the Tormented Demon give 100 SP each kill. Removed the Darklight from the Weapon Store. Added a Hero Shop where people can purchase white obsidian armoury. Added Golden Feather so that people can get elite obsidian stats on the white obsidian armour. Added Eradicator Flasks. Added Ring of Power. Added Scroll of Power. Made Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration work with the new Eradicator Flasks. Added a ::test command for Executives. Added a ::supremezone command. Added a ::supremeboss command. Added a ::heroboss command. Suggestions?: Got any suggestions as to what content or changes you'd like to see? Be sure to leave a note on our Forums or using the appropriate text-channel on Discord! Got any feedback on the server or our staff team? Feel free to leave some feedback Here to help us improve even more! Thanks, EradicationX Staff Team.
  10. Notice: This is simply updates from Sadie, who is not a main Developer. If you are not impressed by the update, that is the reason. Wilderness: + Unholy Curse-Bearers - You can find these monsters by teleport to ::wildyspirits. Note: these are in the Wilderness! - These monsters are weak to Magic and Ranged, they are able to be multi-barraged. - They have a health of 800 HP and don't deal a lot of damage, they are pretty weak. Loot Table: + Cursed Magic Tree's - You can find these North West in Red Portal. Note: this is in the Wilderness! - There are two trees which you can cut, you need a woodcutting level of 95 or greater to swing your hatchet at this tree. - Since this is in the wilderness, to make bigger time-spans between banking, the logs you will receive from this tree will be noted. - Each Log will be sell-able to the sell shop for a value of 1,000,000 GP each. + Trusted Gambler: - This rank is given to the gamblers that are known to be legitimate, and have proven themselves worthy of the rank. - To obtain this rank you will need to apply by clicking Here. - The benefits with the rank is a unique title and a forums rank. - Trusted Gamblers can ask to buy Mithril Seeds from an Administrator to execute Flower Games. Miscellaneous Updates: Cooking Gloves are now untradeable. Uncooked Stews now cost 1,500,000 GP from the shop. Rune limbs now sell for 1,000,000 GP instead of 500,000 GP. Removed the level 70 combat requirement to be in-combat in Red Portal. Removed the item requirement of 3 to be in-combat in Red Portal. Changed the Raffle dialogue to give out the correct information. Updated some typos/answers in the Trivia Answers. Removed the Anagram / Movie quotes questions from the Trivia Bot. Changed Title ID of various inappropriate/staff impersonation titles. Added Trusted Gambler Title. Added Gamebreaker Title. Added Custom title for ex-staff members. Suggestions?: Got any suggestions as to what content or changes you'd like to see? Be sure to leave a note on our Forums or using the appropriate text-channel on Discord! Got any feedback on the server or our staff team? Feel free to leave some feedback Here to help us improve even more! Thanks, EradicationX Staff Team.
  11. We have now introduced a new "sub-rank" which is eligible for all players to obtain. This new rank/title is called Trusted Gambler. This isn't exacly a "rank", it'll have a forums rank but may only be a title in-game. This rank unlocks new benefits in-game though, such as an exclusive title which represents that you're a legitimate gambler and you will get exclusive access to host Flower Games with other Trusted Hosts or regular players. The rank doesn't really have any requirements, but of course won't be given out to just anybody. Only certain people who have proved their honesty for a longer period of time, without any past/current rule breaking may access these benefits. Apply to become a Trusted Gambler today! - https://eradication-reborn.com/forums/index.php?/application/form/9-trusted-gambler/ Title - Flower Games - Current List of Trusted Gamblers: May the force be with you, always
  12. I won't be doing a full out client/source translation, instead i'll be translating dialogues and certain interfaces to make it more understandable for the Brazilian/Portuguese players. Depending on how much time we have I might re-name certain objects as well. This is going to take a while to put out, but i'll start working on it.
  13. Welcome back, loving the memories from 2016! Edit: Woo my pretty little Hare name got in there, i'm famous
  14. Welcome back, hopefully your time here will be even better than what it was last time!