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  1. 1. Last i checked lent ranks don't get the drop rate bonus. 2. I said to make a set price for the ranks so they don't change when the players decide to sell $1 for 1b or $1 for 10b 3. Sounds to me the server has a problem if a donation is "required" to get to endgame especially one as big as eradicator. 4. You quote the invisible hand and yet do something contrary to it by imposing a limit on the people that removes the ability for lending price to decrease. 5. You can compare the ranks to ingame items because the ranks can be boxed and sold and if I remember correctly a lot of staff hosted events have spawned donation ranks as prizes so not all ranks are donated for. 6. If you want to handcuff the eco of the server then handcuff all ingame items as well or else this logical argument falls apart entirely. There is no logic in imposing a limit to a singular part of the game that can simply be evaded anyways. Edit: 7: If a good is sold at a too small price, there will be a shortage in supply of said good, and therefore the producer can (and will) sell the good for a higher price. This basic principle of the invisible hand shows how it would efficiently allocate the markets resources.And that is exactly what we did. No what you did was set a price floor which causes problems in the market equilibrium that will likely cause a shortage of demand since people wanted to lend less than 800m an hour. The so called damage you speak of being caused to other players is false since they are subject to changes in the market just like everyone else. That means if the market wants 500m/hr then ALL lenders are forced into that or they don't make money. Their own choice if they want it to damage them or not because they choose their lending rate.
  2. @Dain I appreciate your attempt to show the logic behind the lending changes but statistic classes don't mean anything to economic arguments. I just got finished with an economic class and i can say that the entire approach to the worth of the rank is incorrect. The topic can be easily simplified to the law of supply and demand (which uses an entirely different type of graph than the one you provided). The concept is that as the price of a good increases the demand will decrease because the INCENTIVE and BENEFITS provided to the CONSUMER (player) decrease. That is why when something costs too little there is a shortage of the good in question. Markets have ways to balance themselves out because the consumers have the final say in what the item in question is worth. Placing the price floor will create a surplus if players are unwilling to lend ranks at 800m. This means that ranks will ultimately lose their "lending value" anyways because people won't do it. Benefits of the rank: The benefits will not change based on the price of the rank or the lending price. The only way the benefits have changed is due to the changes with jad. The benefits of lending are ultimately determined by the person buying the lend anyways and not the "management" (government) trying to tell the person what its worth. The price: Players currently set the prices for every item ingame that does not have a shop value/cost assigned to it (trio items/obsidian). The ranks are subject to the same price changes as the items are when a player sells them. The lending price should not be the only limitation in the market set by a rule. I care not what happens with this rule but if it stays the rank prices need to be fixed just like the lending prices to keep the "value" steady on the ranks. If not, then remove the limitation and allow the players to decide their own damn prices like they do with everything else.
  3. I suppose this is an appropriate topic to post my findings when I calculated the money gain for cooking stews. This is 25 inventories per hour and 1.3b per hour with tokens costing 2m each. (3 per stew) ((Note my Tokens Per Hour cell is incorrect the real number is 693)) There are several other making-making methods that are comparable to this like onyx cutting. I would be for increasing the tokens per stew as the normal price for tokens makes onyx much more effective.
  4. I do not think that you would be suitable for the position of staff as you wrote you speak English. Yet, your application tells me that English is not your first language or you didn't care enough to fix the grammar issues. That all being said I also have never seen you in-game but that could be due to timezone issues. These are the reasons that I voted no currently.
  5. I came up with an idea long ago regarding auras. My idea was to take and effectively change all of them. Currently, there are only two auras that are really worth getting. Those being Vampyrism and Wisdom. What I propose is to change the unused auras into passive skills from other mmos. Here are a few examples of what i mean. Time-Based Auras Berserker: Increase max hit by 10%, Increase damage taken by 15%, Reduce accuracy by 15% Stone Skin: Decrease damage taken by 10%, Decrease max hit by 15%, 10% chance to avoid damage Crossbow Master: Increase bolt damage by 5%, increase the chance of bolt specials Bow Master: Increase accuracy with bows by 20%, 2% Chance to shoot 3 arrows. Permanent Auras These auras would drain the player's life force and provide stat bonuses. (Drains loyalty points in a similar manner to prayer drain rate) ((yes auras can be assigned stats just like armor)) Demonic Strength: +15 strength, -30 Attack/Defence bonuses Immortality: +100 hp, -20 strength Special Auras These would be limited to something like once per week. Leprechaun's luck: 1.2x Drop rate bonus for two hours. These are all examples of the concept and are obviously open to suggestions and appropriate balancing. Please suggest other kinds of effects or concepts that I didn't think of.
  6. Hello, this is going to be an overview of the steps required to level up farming without donor ranks. Part I: Starting Items Needed to 85: So you want to take a break from the usual massacre of NPCs and Bosses. Since this is a guide about farming you have already picked your poison. The first step to start farming is locating the Farming Manager. The easiest way to do this is by going to the skilling teleports in the EX tab and click farming. This NPC is the key to farming so get used to speaking to him often. Purchase the supplies listed above and you can begin. Now teleport to any of the farming locations by talking to him. Part II: 1 to 85 Part III: 85-400m You should have a good planting/harvesting cycle going at this point. The only thing that changes after level 85 is that you swap to Torstol Seeds. The torstols should do the heavy lifting from here on out, but the watermelons will still help with the downtime due to growing. I hope that this guide is helpful to anyone wanting a simple way to train farming.
  7. Napalm


    Just for the sake of being difficult and adding in hated mechanics. Destructible objects like a rock pile that has to be mined to progress. Gonna throw out a few concepts. Arena Style bosses (3-10) When the boss is defeated you have a time limit to clear the area or you start taking damage. (pairs with the destructible objects) Multiple settings. "Solo with limited drop potential" "partial team with drop rate penalty" "full team" Specific drops for each setting? (certain items only drop from solo runs) If the raids are endgame content don't limit them to obsidian stats (maybe add a damage cap or some kind of damage absorption to the boss/monsters to level out the stat disparity)