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  1. Howdy fellas! I have been soloing hard mode trio for some time and I figured why not record it this time and show you just for fun. I want to explain a few things before I share the video; First of all, soloing Hard Mode Trio is NOT consistent. It is a lot rng dependant and you have to have low ping in order to bank and re-supply. Definately prioritize getting a 3-man team before going solo. The option is there for people who desperately want elite weaponary but can't get a team going on because of various reasons. Soloing does however increase your chance of getting a rare reward as you're the only one in the instance. That's pretty much the only advantage soloing provides. But if we calculate the time spent & rng and compare it with 3-man teams, it's definately better to go with 3-man teams. I used elite obsidian gear, but I could solo it with regular obsidian as well. I had an elite mh rcr and obsidian kiteshield as well, but I used to do it with flammy and regular obby shield. It just took me a lot longer (almost 2x longer) with my previous setup. The idea is to NOT DIE while soloing because you will burn through your trio keys very quick if you die all the time. Besides, you can die a maximum of 6 times in an instance. So if you cannot stay alive, do not bother. The (elite) obsidian kiteshield is very important in terms of staying alive. You'll notice in my video that i'm getting absolutely annihilated with my elite oh rcr on. This is because is has nowhere near the defensive stats of the kiteshield, which brings an answer to the popular question; Why even the obby shield? The defensive stats enabled me to solo it a lot comfortably compared to an oh rapier. Here's what bonuses u need & some more info; - Must have death pet & perk active - Must have vampyrism aura active - Must have 10% hp boost from bonfire - Must have well of goodwill bonuses active - Annihilation spec to maximize dps & accuracy - Do not bother praying all the time because they get taken off - When you hit 10.000 or lower hp, they will enter rage mode where you can use prayers - Hope that the rng gods have mercy on you. They like to combo you from time to time. They are not your friends, remember that Anyways here's the video, I hope you enjoy it!
  2. Great guide! This will enlighten a lot of players who are unfamiliar with auras.
  3. Hello Tony! Welcome to the cult group! Hope you enjoy your stay
  4. @Napalm I appreciate you getting back to me. I literally said people won't be borrowing ranks at all if the price were too high. Incentive and beliefs prodived to the customer decreases? Lol. We offer you to make it back in minutes as a rank borrower and we offer you higher value for your rank as a rank lender. How are we decreasing 'incentive and beliefs provided to the customer?' Because less people will borrow your ranks? Well, they're going to have to eventually if they want to do eradbosses. Not everyone is allowed to pay $150 in one go. Eradzone is the key to reach endgame on this server, not the mention the xp and droprate boost. So it's a pretty good deal to skip a $150 payment for 800m cash in game, which AGAIN can be made back in minutes. ALSO. You have to understand that BOTH sides are customers here. The borrower & lender. There were people protesting because they were being undercut by greedy players. If a good is sold at a too small price, there will be a shortage in supply of said good, and therefore the producer can (and will) sell the good for a higher price. This basic principle of the invisible hand shows how it would efficiently allocate the markets resources. And that is exactly what we did. First of all, you cannot compare an item ingame such as trio items/obby shard with any ranks. Those items can be dropped directly without spending a penny. On the other side, you have ranks that can ONLY be purchased with IRL money. Sure, you can sell your rank to a price you want because there aren't that many offers ingame. The prices mostly overpriced. But there is a big difference between overpricing and undercutting. I feel like as a mathematician I shouldn't be telling this to an economist. But anyhow when you want to lend out your rank, which means making use of our additional service that we offer you, you follow our price guides. Changing the rank prices are out of the question, because people would brag about them paying more for a service that's now cheaper. Yes if we were Blizzard we maybe could get away with it, but we aren't. Changing lending prices? It's already cheap enough for a top notch rank and I hate to repeat myself; we offer you to make it back in minutes. So I don't see the problem here.
  5. Even though Sadie has adressed most of the things, I'd still like to explain the rank lending update in detail to clear futher confusion. I originally made my own curve, but I figured I'd be too hard to understand if you hadn't followed any statistic classes. The curve below is pretty self explanatory, Price and Quality are not always proportional. It depends of various situations, what type of product it is, etc... Obviously we'll keep it only at erad ranks, because that's what the discussion is about. Now the main goal here is to keep the cost as LOW as possible why keeping the quality as HIGH as possible. If we'd let people lend their ranks out for 200m/hr, it wouldn't have any value of quality. Eradbosses would have no value along with the things on their droptable (mainly Obsidian shard). Gold would not have value because erad bones can be grinded for 15m each. Talking about ruining the eco, the people that lend their ranks for cheap and undercut eachother are devaluating their $150. Seriously running around with an eradicator rank would be the most normal thing ever. This would cause people to not buy ranks AT ALL. I mean why would you, when you can borrow it for that cheap? It's safe to say that this server runs on donations. And advertising on the most popular rsps websites IS NOT cheap. But it's the only way we can get new players in. How about if we raise the price to 2b/hour? We'll here's my point about it not being proportional. The quality doesn't raise infinitely if you raise the costs. It doesn't work that way. If the price would be too high, the quality would be even lower than when it was cheap, because people simply wouldn't borrow ranks anymore. The 800m/hr cap is really reasonable, where we keep the quality as high as possible, while keeping the costs as low as possible. I've already mentioned this before, you can make back your 800m easily with erad bones by killing 54 brutals. That is 2 full inventories and you're good to go do some erad bosses to finish off the rest. To finish it off, we offer people something that I've never seen before in my rsps career; lending ranks for ingame gp. Which literally prevents people from donating. If we were greedy/only cared about donations, we wouldn't have this service up and running in the first place. Thank you for reading.
  6. In-Game Name: Iron Dain How old are you? 20 Time Zone: CEST (GMT+1) What languages do you speak? English, French, Dutch and Turkish What position are you applying for? Helper Why do you want to be part of the staff team? It pleases me to help others without expecting anything in return. I like interacting and I am not afraid to interfere when it's needed. I am a calm person and I know how to keep diffifcult situations under control. I always try to be as detailed as possible when I help people. However, what I consider as my 'speciality' is my video guides. Even though I have made 1 guide for Eradication Reborn so far, I have quite a lot of experience. I have made guides for various games in the past. I like to observe common problems in games and explain them as detailed as possible to get rid of the confusion. I put a lot of time and effort in them. Even though I could be considered new since I started on December 2018, I developed a good insight in the server by making an ironman. Which is why I think the helper position is perfect for me instead of starting as a server support which requires a bit more knowledge and time spent in game. Do you have any past staff experience? Moderator on Solstice 3. Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? I think as a member of the staff team is that you have to realize that we're a team. If one of us is active and the rest just logs on here and then, that won't really make us a team. It's like an IRL job really, where we help develop the company (which is the server in this situation) as a team where everyone has his own bit. Even though a helper won't have that much 'power' compared to other staff ranks, a helper should still let people notice that he/she is part of the staff team by being active and by helping someone to his/her best abilties without needing help from a higher ranked staff member. It speaks for itself that we need to remain calm in difficult situations and remember that 'customer is king'. Thank you for reading my application.