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  1. I know its a small video but still took a bit
  2. Brand new loot from 1.1k spins. This video took ages haha.
  3. Congratz to the winner of the giveaway, MR Solo Brand new giveaway coming soon just comment on this vid your fav bosses and why.
  4. Rsps Tony

    ROTS Guide

    Good job bud keep it up
  5. welcome to my latest video please leave feed back much appricated.
  6. EASTER EVENT GUIDE (Still processing ATM Quality will get better) Oh and dont judge the Thumbnail im new to this shit haha
  7. Hey guys thanks for the support on my first video. This secound video is a bit random but it just me giving a short guide to 1-99 crafting as well as show my shear excitement over the vote shop ect. please dont be to mean (Im New) Much Love Rsps Tony
  8. Please feel free to check out my first of many videos on this amazing server.
  9. Hey all its Rsps Tony. Bascailly not much to say other than i enjoy various Rsps and have decided to make vids on the ones i do enjoy. At the moment im hooked on eradication x reborn Loving the graphics customs ect. Please feel free to check out my vids in the media section Of the forums. Please be aware i aint no pro at video editing recording or anything so dont judge to harsh. Much Love Rsps Tony