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  1. In-game name: Classic Screenshot of Kill count: https://gyazo.com/318a18aacf1643e6d0428a0815717c90 Screenshot of 10b xp cape: https://gyazo.com/359c28de528f3c06e624c4629be56d4d
  2. Donator Request Format: Ingame name: Classic What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Eradicator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped: https://gyazo.com/b3ca87c14a0f4dd4ae2e3e38412e2348 Completionist (or) Rank Format: Ingame name: Classic Full client screenshot of having all achievements completed: https://gyazo.com/e57ff115b80268ed6369972cb49f8058
  3. Classic


    Buying: SP Scrolls - 450m each Mainhand Rcr's and Offhand Rcr's Virtus wand's and Virtus Book's Ascension mh and Ascension Oh's
  4. Classic


    This obviously being a little late of an response, I'm unsure if you're still interested, I could sell Obsidian legs and possibly super donator if you offer well.
  5. That's just really bad luck man.
  6. Looking at it this way, fair enough, I can see the way you'd look at is as an end game result, also, Hade's comment, the getting the same task can be fairly annoying if nothing else, also more rewards would be awesome. Just so you could gain something rather than nothing.
  7. It definitely needs tweaking, for example I would receive a task for lets say 100 gargoyles, spend 500k to skip, 198 gargoyles. There's some tasks that just need gone. I'd understand if you could choose to triple it yourself, however it just seems pointless, especially when completing 50 is an achievement. Okay, so I can agree with the 'just skip it', but if you're receiving the same tasks potentially two to three times in a row, it's quite annoying and eventually does just eat up a ton of a players cash, this would be more of a problem for newcomers, and potentially a put off.
  8. Probably some armour in the starter pack, even something like iron would be good. Also, I mean they really only have ;;train to get up high enough to do anything else really, making some other training area could be an idea. Nothing else really, everyone's helpful and everything else just comes in time.