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  1. In-game Name: (legion) Sleutel Full Client Screenshot of your 10B Cape: https://gyazo.com/35ee3222ebc4b1a25055c42b2694e092 Full Client Screenshot of your Killcounts: https://gyazo.com/5b3557ed36b52f13504fefd1f41f4c88 https://gyazo.com/8bd4504a97ce741f2f698fed54e980aa Full Client Screenshots of your Time Online: https://gyazo.com/330602a9f39b167de5682334ffc00e29 I hope you will concider my application and deny it, since im not really willing to leave #legion
  2. ingame name: RTTB 10B cape: https://gyazo.com/b95e941bcd9f0d2d6f1f729d84d0d3bf >3k kc: https://gyazo.com/341289243c7eec21d45bb5de49304ae7
  3. It's not my call to make, but you are really short on reqs. and in 11 days playtime 7.7b xp i dont see you finish that soon then. aswell as the kc, its not even close to 3k. I dont know how the clan leaders will look at this, but i would say re-apply once you got the reqs. But maybe your lucky and the clan leaders decides otherwise. Kind regards, Sleutel
  4. Sleutel kc: https://gyazo.com/d3b14dbbc982765b8bb10c3b2c48e215 10b: https://gyazo.com/2770452393a8b74f7b594d305c72ae41
  5. In-game Name: Sleutel Full Client Screenshot of your 10B Cape: https://gyazo.com/7119dc1743d81f4e731d7bb6e4da3d31 Full Client Screenshot of your Killcounts: https://gyazo.com/61538353868305c6573509dfd8872d67 https://gyazo.com/1ced5f8454901793e8cf858499b4a31a Total time online: https://gyazo.com/73d4e8d1d5649b8b3df37e9bfc66b8e3
  6. thank you Jeffrey and mikey for your comments And thank you who voted for me uptill now, greatly appreciated. Never thought people even consider voting yes for me
  7. In-Game Name: Sleutel How old are you? 23 Time Zone: CEST (GMT+2) What languages do you speak? Dutch and english What position are you applying for? Helper/ Support Why do you want to be part of the staff team? Why i want to be part of the staff team? well if you love the things you do (play this server) and you make so many hours on here everyday. And you basically know the whole player base, and you love to help everybody when you can. Then it would be a honour to join this staff team. Do you have any past staff experience? no i dont, but your never to old to learn right :) Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? You're expected to be active in game, keep calm at any time. Try to keep all the other players relaxed aswell, so everybody has a great time. You should be able to tell when you have to interfere and when you don't if needed. And just help all the players who needs help, if you can ofcourse. and last but no least, having fun and just be yourself.
  8. Sleutel


    They should be given a chance to collect the items back upon death, before they're deleted permanently. this would be the best option in my opinion The up-side of this option is, you can make it like a gravestone thing. this would also mean ironman can buy better gravestones to increase their timer. Also this would prevent afking in any pvm situation, also i believe with this option you have some space for even more future updates. and as for papi.... he should lose obby set always when he dies, his bank is big enough to buy more sets anyways. #Sleutel
  9. Hello fellow Eradication X Reborn players, Since i'm planning to look into video-editing, and i wanna provide some content in video form. I would really love to hear what content you wanna see? #sleutel
  10. I love to see this kind of printscreens but damn you where really unlucky.... only 1 sps and only 1 extreme rare hopefully you get some better luck in the future, keep up the good work #sleutel
  11. Very nice Kinger the only thing i could find here is the fact you'r using a saradomins whisper. The saradomins whisper is used for melee, the saradomins murmur is used for ranged. The rest of the guide, good and exactly what a beginner needs #Sleutel
  12. to be honest, new players should not focus on doing normal slayer. as you mentioned its basicly done as an achievement, and since achievements are late game goals the money sink is good. also as a new player there is nothing at all that will benefit you from doing normal slayer. to conclusion, this whole slayer story should not be a potential put off for anyone. i would say close topic, since non of it makes sence (my opinion, no hard feelings <3) Good thing that people give feedback , this way the server can improve. #sleutel
  13. Did you enjoy starting out, whether you did or didn't - why? starting is never enjoyable, the goal is end game ofcourse. but the start out gives a great vieuw on different asspects of the server. Was it difficult to understand where to locate the equipment you needed? For me that was not the case, but i was already familiar with the server. cant speak for others. Did you receive the help you needed? Yes i did, thanks to the hardcore players who are everyday online now. When you were new, what changes would you like to be made for you to stay? any kind of buying selling method, like the G.E. because of different timezones etc. would be hell alot easier to buy frost bones for starters etc. and even for the end game competors, would be easier to set in an offer for the item they need/wanna sell. Anything else you'd like to say? keep doing what you guys doing, your handling suggestions from players pretty well imo. events organised in game are cool. just dont quit this server again because starting over for a 3rd time wouldn't be fun at all. #Sleutel 
  14. well, i cant load my client anymore. i updated to latest java version and reinstalled the client. but still it wont load for me.... any ideas on what i can do?