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  1. Let's start from the beginning... In Brazil, we have no rsps, when open, they close after 6 months, but why? We dont have any good developer. With this we can take advantage of bringing Brazilian players here, it would be good for Brazilians, to have a server to play and for the server to grow. But for what reason a Portuguese version????????? Well just 5% of the Brazilian population speak english. "A survey by the British Council showed that only 5% of the Brazilian population knows how to communicate in English, that is, 10.425 million of the 208 million inhabitants." If someone wants to read about it: https://www.britishcouncil.org.br/sites/default/files/learning_english_in_brazil.pdf I think this would not disrupt anyone, just increase the community, why not try? And for those who are worried, Brazilians can use the translator to negotiate.
  2. 100% from spins, sad life :'/
  3. Tomorrow i get more 2000 :P, but ty
  4. 95% of these items are from spins. Thanks to Venom for helping with english. ^-^