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  1. I had a discussion with someone and wanted to check by my self, it got changed ?
  2. Ooo, 2018 ? i thought eradicationX started at 2018 ! it was just after that ?
  3. Is ReignX the old server name from 2013/2014 ? How was it ?
  4. Ingame name: Jeffrey What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Eradicator CAN you do it also for discord ?
  5. My another suggestion is a interface that RS3 has, That you could examine the player and check the player loadout and his stats, like "player made examine"
  6. I'm actually clueless for other ideas... mmmmmm
  7. Hello, just 1 suggestion I do see that people really don't vote that much, they maybe need more reasons to vote. So i already have one item idea for the vote shop, well it's Tempesto his idea "magic box" for 30 vote points. I feel like i'm getting less and less reasons to vote, but no worries, it's all for the playerbase too
  8. Hello, In-game name: Jeffrey Screenshot of Kill count: Screenshot of 10b xp cape: Not 10B xp cape, but i will try my best today to gain the 10b cape, otherwise it will happend in the weekends. I'm really intrested to join, even i don't have the requirement yet. I'm from belguim and a dedicated eradicator player. Consider me, please! You won't be dissapointed ! Regards
  9. This would be really something for you
  10. Ingame name: Jeffrey What donator rank: Super Donator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped : https://gyazo.com/190f523c4927a0b72a1599c872219657