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  1. Recent Updates: Papi resigned from Head Executive.
  2. Recent Updates: Ken has been promoted to Trial Moderator from player.
  3. Denied due to previously being punished for toxicity and racial comments which is nothing a trusted player should have on his back. Despite it says nothing about you being trusted or not it'll be a bad look to give a trusted role to a player that has been puished for various things. In the topic where trusted dicer was introduced Sadie stated: "The rank doesn't really have any requirements, but of course won't be given out to just anybody. Only certain people who have proved their honesty for a longer period of time, without any past/current rule breaking may access these benefits."
  4. Recent Updates: Hades has been promoted from Trial Moderator to Server Moderator. SoulPsycho has been promoted from Trial Moderator to Server Moderator.
  5. Welcome to EradicationX, it's always fun to see old players returning. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  6. I believe these things would definitely help create an incentive for players to vote for our server, thank you for the suggestion. We'll start looking into it.
  7. That's good to hear, from what I've seen and heard, you've been a generally nice and positive guy, I'm glad you've found your way to our server. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. Make a guide of how to center allign the signature, you two would definitely have a use of that.
  9. Papi


    We could make afking bosses only allowed in instances, the thing is, i believe most of the people that has been caught afking in the regular boss rooms has been afking in an instance and the timer ran out, in most instances you'll currently be teleported to the regular boss room. So that'd only require to change the coordinates you'd be teleported to once the timer of your instance runs out. We'll discuss this within the staff team and come up with a conclusion that'll be fair for everyone.
  10. INTRODUCING THE WINNERS This is what the entries look like; Standard raffle Winners 1. Obsidian Mage Helm - Mikey 2. Obsidian Warrior Helm - Creamy 3. Obsidian Ranger Helm - Axiz 4. Obsidian Kiteshield - Jeffrey 5. Obsidian Platebody - Ghoul 6. Obsidian Platelegs - Xilent 7. Obsidian Boots - Hades 8. Obsidian Gloves - Oly 9. Regular Donator Rank - Animals Elite Raffle Winners 1. Neon Partyhat - Papi 2. Ring of Power - Oly 3. Elite Virtus Wand - Purple Drank 4. Elite Virtus Book - Axiz 5. Super Donator - Mikey 6. Frostbite Dagger - Donald Duck 7. Elite Ascension crossbow - Hades 8. Off-hand Elite Ascension Crossbow - Castle Exclusive Raffle Winners 1. Noname Cape5 (Red) - Soulpsycho 2. Aqua Partyhat - Papi 3. Legendary Donator Rank - Reddragon The Event was livestreamed solely to the staff members as my IP could be seen when drawing the raffles. Gongratulations to the winners /Locked
  11. Last time I'll be announcing the entries, good luck to everyone who has and are going to enter any raffle.
  12. Recent Updates: Mikey has been promoted to Server Support. Soulpsycho has been promoted to Trial Moderator. Hades has been promoted to Trial Moderator. Xilent has been promoted to Server Executive.
  13. I've personally been dicing with you but I don't feel like you've been present enough in the dicing community under a longer period for you to have this title. I'd want you to keep being active as you've been the last couple of days, keep dicing and being a generally trust-worthy dude. You also must have very good knowledge regarding prices and the rules of dicing on our server, there's posts about that on the forums if you aren't familiar with them. I'm not saying in doubting your ability to host but I feel like your time online is too low to have what i previously mentioned, on the "Trusted Gambler" kind of level. With that said, I'd just want you to keep doing what you're doing and this title will come eventually.