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  1. The starter package did get changed since this update, yes. You now only get 1 box rather than the 3 shown in the update log.
  2. Welcome! As I also played ReignX, I can safely say this server offers all the same and even more. For that reason, I believe you'll fit in well and enjoy your time here too. Here's to hoping you find the same motivation to be dedicated here! All the best of luck and I'll hopefully see you around in-game.
  3. Okay, yeah, I understand where you're going with this, it'd definitely be possible to find things that'd provide a small help with the "tedious and difficult" things as you suggested. I've added two suggestions to the list (see bottom) that may fit into the category you're looking for. Perhaps not, let me know. I'll add other potential options as and when I think of them, thanks.
  4. Edit: Added a suggestion regarding the world vote bonus, I had intended to add that to the list originally, but forgot.
  5. I feel as though voting needs to have some better rewards in order to increase the incentive for voting the server. Suggestions - Note: I do not take credit for all of these suggestions, as some are not mine. I'll provide credit for the suggestions which are not mine. Add a "Voting XP scroll" to be given to players once they have voted for the first time. It could give them double experience for 1 hour once activated. It should be untradeable. Give the same scroll to players for every 50th personal vote. E.g they should receive a scroll at 50 votes, 100, 150, 200 etc. Reset monthly just as the Voter of the Month scores do on the vote page. Add more cosmetics and useful gear to the vote stop. Potentially various custom items, custom recolors of already existing items. Make them untradeable. Thanks to Cicada for this suggestion, feel free to add more item suggestions below. Reduce the amount of votes required for the "world vote XP bonus" from 200 to 100. Increases the duration of this bonus from 1 hour to 2 hours. Add an "Aura reset token" to the vote shop. This could prove very useful, particularly to players in the mid-game. Perhaps the cool down of auras could be increased from 1 hour to 3 hours if this suggestion is deemed to not be useful enough. Add an unlock-able ability to allow a chance to choose your boss slayer task. I feel as though this is likely better suited for the boss slayer shop, but it could be also fit in the vote shop, disregard this suggestion if you'd rather this ability be put elsewhere. Add an in-game title for Voter of the Month. Add an unlock-able title in the vote shop. Perhaps a similar style to the "Master Slayer" title but without the icon and different colors. Make it cost a fairly significant amount of vote tickets. Add a scroll for 30 minutes of personal double drop rate. Make this one of the most expensive items in the store. This can't be too overpowered, it may already be too overpowered to even suggest, if it is, disregard this. Add reinforcing plates to the vote shop. However, I'm conscious that this may remove some incentive from regular slayer, which is not ideal. Add a Fight Caves, Fight Kiln, QBD and Nomad completion scroll. Currently, an admin can be paid to have these achievements completed, but not everyone is aware of that. I feel as though this would seem more natural than paying an admin to execute a command. Please feel free to place any suggestions in the replies to this post or in the suggestions channel on the server discord. I'll edit this and add any suggestions that seem popular with the community.
  6. We have already became acquainted in-game, and I can safely assume you'll fit in well in this community. Welcome to the server and I look forward to seeing you around more in-game. Best of luck with all of your goals, have fun and enjoy!
  7. I agree that the vote shop needs a rework as there aren't many worthwhile items in there currently. However, I don't think the addition of magic boxes is the right move. Nevertheless, something should certainly be done to provide a greater voting incentive.
  8. Good update, I like the new BIS (the models are sexy) and it will be interesting to see how people find HCIM.
  9. Ghoul


    I second this. In my opinion, the previous rule of not being able to afk bosses was much healthier for the game in that, it frees up the regular boss rooms as Ken mentioned, keeps the players that are online more active instead of quite literally being asleep and still gaining kill count, and once again requires a player to actually play the game in order to progress their account. I'd be very much in support of this rule coming back, I feel like it's necessary and would definitely benefit the server. Thanks, +1.
  10. Best of luck to anyone who entered, the exclusive price be looking kinda NIIIICE
  11. Donator Request Format: Ingame name: Ghoul What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Eradicator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped: