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  1. As you can read from the title, this post was created to gather a bunch of suggestions for donator perks we can use on EradicationX - World 2. We don't want to lock any content behind any donator rank that you'd have to pass in order to proceed in the game. Which means the donator content will consist of, for example; Donator zones & Shops Moneymaking methods Alternative gear & weapons (cosmetics, recolored gear etc..) Faster ways of obtaining certain items, such as specific potions? The list goes on.. Incase you're wondering how donator ranks are obtained; We'll now be basing donator ranks based on your total amount donated rather than having you donate for them individually. Meaning, each donator rank will be received based on how much you've donated in total. Anyhow, the top 3 suggestions (from different players) will be rewarded with 10 clue scrolls. To participate in this competition, simply comment on this topic with your suggestions, all that you can think of and the staff team will take all of them into consideration and will eventually announce the winners.