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  1. I do agree we need more reasons for players to vote but I don't like this idea. My reason for not liking this idea is that magic boxes are meant to be magic token related only and for that reason I think we shouldn't put it in the vote store. Although we are open to other ideas.
  2. Xilent

    Another Keybind

    I don't see a problem with this, I like the idea. Instead of clicking on the portal to leave you could just type ::resettimer. -Xilento
  3. Xilent

    Vote System

    You have the option to vote on an alternate account and then just log in at the end of the week to claim all the votes aswell. I understand it is more tedious but the old way of typing in every auth, was very painful due to the fact that some of the characters were very similar. I wouldn't mind having a look at @Champagnepapi idea of making a command like there is for donating. I do like the suggestion but in a different way. -Xilento
  4. 100% agree as long as you can't put noted bones into the grinder because it would be too op.
  5. I wouldn't mind pet drops, because it is exciting to see the drop come with your name. As far with the perks to the boss pets maybe they could be unlocked through kc at a boss like 5% damage at a certain boss till "x" kc then 10% at "y" kc and so on. There could be many ways about doing this but this is just one example. But seeing how everyone wants the drops but doesn't want the perks to be lowered this could be a beneficial idea to both sides. Also, this idea could lead to future content updates or other things.
  6. Winners of Voter of the Month and Member of the Month: Voter of the Month: Sagittaria. Member of the Month: SoulPsycho. On behalf of the Staff Team; I would like to congratulate both winners of this month's top voter with the most votes for the month of February - Also the member with the most votes from the community. I would like to say congratulations on your prizes of 5 presents and 10$ in-store credit to Sagittaria and 5 presents for SoulPsycho. Thanks to everyone that voted for the Member of the Month, be sure to go and vote again for this month's Member of the Month. Good luck, and thanks to everyone that voted both for the server and for the Member of the Month. - EradicationX Reborn Staff Team.
  7. You can't trade slayer helmets :Trigg: -Xilento
  8. I'm pretty sure I remember the name, but anyways welcome back hope you enjoy it as much again. -Xilento
  9. It's a decent suggestions but we need more ideas other than better or harder things, because when we have to come up with all the details regarding content, it will take time. Thank you for the suggestion. Anyone feel free to reply with all your ideas/suggestions on this suggestion.
  10. We can neither confirm nor deny his affiliation with the best clan #castle -Xilento
  11. Xilent

    Aura Revamp

    Very good idea, i do enjoy the fact you put negative affects with them aswell to make them sort-of balanced already. +1 to the suggestion
  12. Eh, kinda a big deal for denied #castle people.
  13. This has been suggested and has been said that we have been looking into the Wildy nulls/bugs before we can even start to think about where or how we can do anything Wilderness related. -Xilento
  14. I do not agree with this at all, but i do agree with your reasoning. The part about it being easier and all makes sense and that is all I agree with. I don't agree because it will decrease prices and will decrease the activity in fc/yell/discord market channel because of the fact that you can log in and just talk to an NPC and find out what items or who is selling them. Also, with POS it become almost necessity in and economic system to cause price cuts and under cutting others which leads to economic crashes and will later on lead to prices being shop value and ruin the whole point in POS or even selling items in FC/Yell/Discord market channel.