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Versace's Bank Evaluation

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Have taken it upon myself to provide everyone, including me because I don't know myself, an evaluation of my bank literally out of plain curiosity as many players have asked me and expressed their curiosity as well. I will do all pricing at minimum just to be safe, but at the end I'll provide an amount of give or take, but the default price of my bank will be the minimum price. Also, those items In which have controversial prices, I will state down below why I chose that price for that item. Please note that the prices I established here aren't meant to be used as a price guide, but are welcome to if you'd like. These prices I have established myself based on the current economy and general community pricing that I see inside the server as of February 1, 2019. 





  • Red Party hat - 30b
  • Yellow party hat - 30b 
  • Purple party hat - 30b 
  • Blue Party hat - 30b
  • Green Party Hat - 30b
  • X3 White party hat - 90b
  • White Santa hat - 500B
  • X3 Regular santa hat - 30b 
  • X4 Lava party hat - 40b
  • X4 Eradicator rank - 600b
  • Extreme rank - 25b
  • X2 regular rank - 26b
  • X3 super rank - 150b
  • Elite royal court rapier mainhand - 200b 
  • Elite royal court rapier offhand - 300b
  • Elite virtus book - 100b
  • Elite virtus wand - 100b 
  • X2 Elite ascension crossbow offhand - 140b
  • Elite ascension crossbow mainhand - 70b 
  • Obliteration offhand - 30b
  • Obliteration mainhand - 30b 
  • X4 ascension crossbow mainhand - 8b
  • X4 ascension crossbow offhand- 8b
  • X8 offhand royal court rapier - 40b
  • X4 royal court rapier mainhand - 8b
  • Virtus wand - 2b
  • X9 decimation - 45b
  • X4 Annihilation - 40b
  • X7 tyrannical ring - 14b 
  • X4 treasonous ring - 32b 
  • X9 - Ring of the god - 18b
  • Obsidian platebody - 50b
  • X3 obsidian helms - 30b
  • Obsidian kite shield - 20b
  • Obsidian shard - 10b
  • X3 ring of wealth - 30b 
  • X2629 paramaya tickets - 13.1b
  • x2 death lotus chaps - 2b
  • X3 tzhaar 1 - 1.5b
  • X9 vesta chain body - 4.5b
  • X6 vesta chain skirt - 3b
  • Scarlet spirit shield - 5b 
  • X2 virtus mask - 2b                  
  • Virtus body - 1b
  • Virtus robe legs - 1b
  • Ornate katana - 3.6b 
  • Reaper hood - 5b
  • X3 torva platebody - 3b
  • X2 Torva plate legs - 2b
  • X4 torva helm - 4b
  • X2 pernix hood - 2b
  • pernix body - 1b
  • X2 frost bite dagger - 20b
  • Sea singers top - 1.5b
  • Green h'ween mask - 10b
  • Pernix chaps - 1b
  • X2 rainbow afro - 4b
  • Sea singers robe bottom - 1b
  • X2 death lotus hood - 2b
  • X2441 100M tickets - 241b
  • X4629 invasion tokens - 4.6b
  • X109 vote tickets - 5.4b
  • X62475 Eradicated seals - 6b

Controversial pricing

-White Santa hat -  Few know I have one, however, I have purchased it for 125b cash from the staff team and being it's only one in game and it's default value being 125b, I have the ability to price at which ever range I desire as well as others have that same right with other custom 1 in game items. Beyond that, the chances of achieving this particular item is 1:40 and you only achieve that chance after the lottery hits 100b. 

 - Elite rcc's - I think the raw price of mainhand should be at 200b as that is the most sought out weapon in hard mode trio and it's best in slot melee weapon. Also, most of the time you play this server, you'll find yourself using melee more often than not so there will always be a demand for it. The offhand is priced at 300b due to it's significant upgrade versus 2nd best in slot and there's only two in game from my knowledge as well.

Elite ascensions - Range is the least used style out of all and therefore I have priced the crossbow the lowest out of all my elite weaponry, however, there isn't many sets in game so that increases the price quite a bit. 

Elite virtus wand/book - I have priced these somewhat in between, but more closer to ascensions than rcr's,  mainly due to the obliteration update. Mage is definitely useful and is so far the highest hitting combat style, but not necessarily the best dps. 

Prices of elite items are also subject to change at any absolute moment, so this is just for now. 

ESTIMATED BANK VALUE WHEN ALL PUT TOGETHER : 3.434T ( Default price ) give or take 200b. 


Edited by Versace

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6 minutes ago, Sadie said:

Not to mention your 168B donated to the Well.


Good job. 

Completely forgot about that, and that value is in shop value as well. 

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Awesome bank.. not as big as mine yet xd


Nah but nice work man - also being top donator to well!


Keep it up man! 🙂

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On 2/1/2019 at 3:18 PM, Sekto said:

Nice job, buy the rest of the customs!


Thinking about it lol 

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