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The staff team have decided to implement a discord/forum rank called Wiki Editor. This is basically to save time and effort for the staff members by letting experienced and knowledged players update guides, price checks and overall informative guides. You'll also be editing and updating the official wiki page for the server.

What we will expect from you as a Wiki Editor;

  • You'll be expected to remain active ingame & on the forums.
  • You'll stay up to date with updates.
  • Keep official guides & price check threads up to date.
  • You will log every change that you apply to a topic.
  • You will create official guides that you deem is necessary.
  • We expect you to speak fluent English with great grammar.

Permissions/changes you'll be given;

  • Permission to edit all posts and topics on forums. (ONLY USE THIS FOR EDITING INFORMATIONAL TOPICS)
  • You'll be able to hide & unhide posts.
  • You'll have access to a Wiki Editor chat & edit logs on discord where you and your team can discuss certain changes on posts and topics.
  • Wiki Editor ingame rank, note that it will not have any staff commands.

Every Wiki Editor will receive $10 in store credit when making a requested guide by the server managers (Head Executive or Owner).
5$ when making an approved guide on your own discretion.

Note that you'll have to get your guide approved by the Head Executive or Owner before receiving the store credit.


If you use these powers for any other reason than you're expected to, you will risk getting your rank removed from you.

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