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Staff feedback by Tiocrowley

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  • Staff Team Feedback format:


Era - I don't see the owner on too much, but never talked to him.

867f61e199f88ab7baf221abe680d373.png;Community Manager

Sadie - already helped me with some ingame questions, a good guy!


Habitat - Haven't this see guy too much... but I think its ok 😛

kCtqbFq.pngForum Administrator

Papi - Very active and helped me a lot with some ingame things!

88008ef920a61d3a6811b406abe9b222.png;Server Administrator

Fin - Seems like a good guy, dont really have a thing to say about him.

29245a05bbffad44a4eeb2f2c3116688.png;Head Moderator


73ec9fbf31cffeeb539bbe4828eb39e8.png;Forum Moderator


cfbe4f94232e270c776c84b2ed130b7c.png;Server Moderator

Xilent - a really helpful guy, and active.

Axiz - really helpful too, talked to him when I returned, great work!

bc325a085da3bcbdca466462e749ffb4.png;Server Support

Luci - already helped me with some ingame issues

SoulPsycho - helps me a lot, with some ingame things, and is a really nice guy!

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