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We're planning on adding raids to the server, with different difficulties so the content is viable for any player regardless of game progression.

We're asking you to leave some ideas you have in mind that you would like to see inside of raids. That'd be the bosses, things to do in there etc... just general ideas on how we can make this as good as possible. 

If you've got some, feel free to comment and we'll see what we can do.

EradicationX Staff Team.


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Seeing Araxxi boss in a raid would be insane, it has stages, great weapon drops and generally a fun boss to kill


Another great boss would be Vorago, hes a raid boss so its a perfect match. 


I have no idea if any of these bosses is even possible to add, but would be realy cool to see.

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I love the idea of Araxxi and vorago but i think they should be added just as a boss and not uder the raids tag.

My idea for raids would to have a 3 miniboss stages which skill in difficulty with no drops ofc(maby like a duo jad stage, rots stage, etc) and a final new boss (prob a quest boss or the death npc pretty sure it has attack animations)

for the reward i would recommend a 2h drop for each style with a spellpower upgrade which would be bis 2h

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Just for the sake of being difficult and adding in hated mechanics. Destructible objects like a rock pile that has to be mined to progress. 

Gonna throw out a few concepts.

Arena Style bosses (3-10)

When the boss is defeated you have a time limit to clear the area or you start taking damage. (pairs with the destructible objects)

Multiple settings. "Solo with limited drop potential" "partial team with drop rate penalty" "full team" 

Specific drops for each setting? (certain items only drop from solo runs)

If the raids are endgame content don't limit them to obsidian stats (maybe add a damage cap or some kind of damage absorption to the boss/monsters to level out the stat disparity)


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I think personally, 07 raids are much better then RS3 Raids. I'm all for having raids both raids in RS3 being done in 10 mins, but the concept of 07 had me in-love.

For simplicity's sake, I'd love to see setups similar meaning; a pickaxe needed, and multiple styles needed. (Meaning 1/2 bosses are immune to a certain style.)

Something like this.  2a9af06b4e.png

To make things easier, assuming Xerics Chamber look alike isn't a easy code, something like a cave system, where you fight a boss/bosses then move onto the next cave to simulate near the same feeling. First thought that comes to mind to show how this could work would be the, A Soul's Bane quest cave.


Quick thought of already made bosses could be, AgorothA Demon bossThe Skeletal horrorThe Balance ElementalTreus DaythUlfricEruniTokTz-Ket-Dill (For a easy pickaxe use)

For difficulty discussion, my first raw thought is:

 Easy - 5 Bosses, 2 chances to bank, ;;bank works. 

 Intermediate - 6 bosses, 1 chance to bank, ;;bank works until the end boss.

 Expert - 7 bosses, 0 chances to bank, ;;bank doesn't work.

Master - 9 bosses, 0 chances to bank, ;;bank doesn't work.

(if more then 12+ bosses are made; Challenger - All bosses, 1 chance to bank, ;;bank doesn't work)

I'd love to see puzzle rooms in Expert+ so it's not just combat, but also something not overly hard, such as; Seeker sentinel, if it looks at you, you get reset to the beginning of the room. 0bf5c923cf.jpg    

A sliding tile room. 889e4de466.jpg

Rewards sake, I know there's been talk of adding . Anguish, as well as Torment, I'd love to see these as a reward, but just make them have a decent shop price as after everyone has unlocked them, it would be nice to have it still worth some money.

Weapons and armor are going to be difficult to add but I'd also like to see these brought into the game, having a staple BiS armor/weps is always a problem, because going with new BiS can cause anger within the rich part of the community, but adding lower makes it useless and skipped often. I'll be making a post later on about this.

Pets, a mini pet as a rare chance, 0.5%-0.8% as the 0.3% seems to be impossible to hit before the 2k kc needed to automatically get them.

Perhaps as uncommon drop, 5-10 Rocktail/Shark soup, as well as a possibility for Super Saradomin brew flasks, also 5-10.  


Looking forward to seeing a Raid like system brought here! Best of luck!

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+1 on what tect mentioned !


p.s : Remove cannon from somethings drop table. 

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