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Farming Guide

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Hello, this is going to be an overview of the steps required to level up farming without donor ranks.

Part I: Starting

Items Needed to 85:



10 Million Coins



4 Harralander Seeds

4 Avantoe Seeds

4 Snapdragon Seeds

8 Lantadyme Seeds

100 Watermelon Seeds

Many Super composts




So you want to take a break from the usual massacre of NPCs and Bosses. Since this is a guide about farming you have already picked your poison. The first step to start farming is locating the Farming Manager. The easiest way to do this is by going to the skilling teleports in the EX tab and click farming. This NPC is the key to farming so get used to speaking to him often. Purchase the supplies listed above and you can begin. Now teleport to any of the farming locations by talking to him.


Part II: 1 to 85



The first thing to do at the farming location is to rake all of the plots at the first teleport and apply super compost to them all. This should be enough experience to grant you level 30 farming and the ability to plant Harralander. (Note: you can have a full inventory while raking and harvesting the allotments.)

Level 30-50

Harralander Seeds

If you have not yet purchased the spade and Harralander seeds now is the time to do so. Rake the Herb Allotment apply super compost and plant the Harralander. This process should be done at all 4 of the farming locations. (Note: DO NOT FORGET TO USE THE SUPER COMPOST.)


Level 50-66


Avantoe Seeds and pre-plant Watermelon Seeds

The Harralanders should bring you to level 50. Now we use the Avantoe seeds and some of the watermelon seeds. Plant all 4 of the Avantoe seeds and plant at least 4 allotments or 2 full locations of watermelons. The watermelons do a lot of heavy lifting before level 80. The watermelons take a very long time to grow so we are preparing for the next set of herb seeds. If you find that you are waiting for plants to finish growing you can rake and super compost empty allotments to help boost your exp gains. 


Level 66-76


Snapdragon Seeds and Watermelon Seeds

The Avantoe cycle should have been enough experience to bring you to level 66 and now things will start to slow down considerably. The next plant is Snapdragons a full cycle of them and harvesting 2 allotments of watermelons should be all that is needed for this step.


Level 76-85


This is the final stretch of this guide as farming is just a rinse and repeat after level 85 is the herb seed. The last thing you will need is to make 2 cycles of Lantadyme Seeds and abuse watermelons while the Lantadymes are growing. You might want to increase the number of watermelon allotments you have planted as well because the experience requirements begin to get high.



Part III: 85-400m

You should have a good planting/harvesting cycle going at this point. The only thing that changes after level 85 is that you swap to Torstol Seeds. The torstols should do the heavy lifting from here on out, but the watermelons will still help with the downtime due to growing.


I hope that this guide is helpful to anyone wanting a simple way to train farming.


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