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Agility guide

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Here I hope to provide you with the fastest xp rates for Agility, let's begin!


Starting off



Starting off, you don't need anything! just head to your EX tab. EradicationXMainTab.png.882d31ec347dc5c902bde7842ed99ac7.png

Select the Teleports option, then proceed to click the Agility section. EradicationXSkillingTeleports.jpg.4f535eb057970db483d8086da90a2a1a.jpg


Level 1-35



For your first 35 levels, you will want to select Gnome agility course.       EradicationXAgilityMenu.jpg.b4982cf802d0e5e625a012d9389f3a97.jpg   EradXGnomeCourse.jpg.f9845dbbef2f6fe8d2436c430bc3e058.jpg


Level 35-80



Once you have level 35 Agility, you'll want to head to the Barbarian Outpost.EradicationXAgilityMenu.jpg.b4982cf802d0e5e625a012d9389f3a97.jpg



You'll want to run the normal course until level 70, at which you can do the 'Advanced' version, allowing use of the Wall. EradXBarbWall.jpg.f78f452c7b34546b6bb986b4c5241962.jpg



Level 80-85



Once you hit level 80, you'll want to return to the Gnome Agility course since you now can you the 'Advanced' section, allowing use of the 'Tree' 





Level 85+


Once you hit level 85, you'll unlock the Wildy Agility, providing the best xp rates, and where you will want to stay for 99, as well as 400m xp. EradicationXAgilityMenu.jpg.b4982cf802d0e5e625a012d9389f3a97.jpg  EradXWildyAgility.jpg.2b2f781e74ff1aef5cd87a26374021c0.jpg


There's really not much to Agility, it has, and most likely always will be a click intensive, and time consuming skill.

I wish you the best on your adventures to 99, as well as 400m, Thank you!

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