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Winners of Voter of the Month and Member of the Month:

Voter of the Month: Sagittaria.

Member of the Month: SoulPsycho.

On behalf of the Staff Team;
I would like to congratulate both winners of this month's top voter with the most votes for the month of February - Also the member with the most votes from the community. I would like to say congratulations on your prizes of 5 presents and 10$ in-store credit to Sagittaria and 5 presents for SoulPsycho. Thanks to everyone that voted for the Member of the Month, be sure to go and vote again for this month's Member of the Month. Good luck, and thanks to everyone that voted both for the server and for the Member of the Month.

- EradicationX Reborn Staff Team.

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congratulations to @Sagittaria on taking my former title 🙂 I'll grab it back soon 🙂


@SoulPsycho tbh bro I'm proud of you, proud to see from where you've come from and what you've provided to the community 😉

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