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How to Set A Preset

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I know it's long but it is helpful if you read it all.

Here's a quick guide on how to set a preset for everyone who doesn't know how to do it:

1. Open bank.

2. In the bottom left of the bank window, you'll see this icon image.png.f1077a1513d5417a972494e54b55e0ab.png , press on it and it'll redirect you to this window image.png.f38f4f0447ef125005adf81a3b11fe17.png

3. Put what you want to wear as items and what you want to keep in inventory as a preset and press on this image.png.eec35187354c26dfdaeee23c3c1a4749.png. An example : This is what I want to wear when I press on the preset: image.png.459db31396114e7ac6d06280c7919c1f.png and this what I want to get in the Inventory: image.png.6aa7063211120282d3daa3a716d258af.png .

4. When you press on image.png.eec35187354c26dfdaeee23c3c1a4749.png this window will appear: image.png.78a0d6689f89c6962c0d3e6886934030.png, and here you choose whatever you want to keep, I think it's obvious what the 3 options in the picture means, if you press Inventory it will save only your inventory, Equipment will save the armor you wear, and both will save both. So choose whatever you want.

5. So you have 2 options to load your preset. 1. Press on this button where you saved your preset image.png.42ce55288abff73d930ca1b3fd88192e.png. 2. Change quick select options: image.png.80a78a4ff703af27aab5ab12a5cf9709.png by pressing on the number you see in the picture: choosing 1 (image.png.bfee4f8995e9702ca8bd0b29308f0118.png) means that if you are in the bank window image.png.f9d5091c74fd889180faa304ae4a46cf.png and press on this image.png.dda0c36ebce59b3cd070ee4b1d9c954f.pngit will load immediately and

(image.png.b8809b67c4382cf71e1a015ea89f195c.png) means if you press on this image.png.4e80250c99920454f761e6b74606a96d.png it will load immediately.

This is all about setting a preset and I think it is very helpful for skilling and pvming for who know how to use it properly, I hope I can do a video but my upload speed is very slow that I can't make one 😞.


P.S: If you want to change Preset name so it has a meaning go to the preset window as I said by pressing on thisimage.png.f1077a1513d5417a972494e54b55e0ab.pngon the bank window and press on this (where you have saved the preset), image.png.fdefd35c9c8731d135b2d0edecfe3031.png(it appears here image.png.0a2dd381645d0b0e3a7362038200ff93.png) and then just choose any name you want.


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