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Which forum rank images do you prefer?

Rank images  

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  1. 1. Which one do you prefer? (Check out the options down below)

    • Option: A
    • Option: B
    • Option: C

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I've personally received multiple complaints regarding these new rank images. To make this as fair as possible for everybody, I decided to make this topic asking for your opinions regarding these images. Please vote & comment on the poll for whatever option you prefer.

A few examples of every option:

Option A (The current ones):


Option B (Old ones):

   3e936886402edf0d5be66cdbd7cd14d4.png      7f00dd79e9a91c63716788cf92893b8e.png

Option C (Fresh ones):

      3633b77001c2e1df570585f469eaf935.png              49533c64ccb6c926b47af88267665af2.png


Please comment with a reason as to why you like the one you voted for in the poll.

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Definitely not the current ones, I've stated my reason why the second you pulled them in 😛 option C does look fresh, not sure tbh option b and C are ultimately very similar so idm whichever except option A.

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