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Hairymonkey Special Weapons

Hairymonkey Special Weapons  

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  1. 1. What would you prefer? [BE SURE TO READ BEFORE VOTING!]

    • Make the special attacks require overload to use.
    • Keep it the way it currently is.

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New poll regarding the Hairymonkey Special Weapons, "Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration". 

  1. Make the Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration require overloads to use;
    With this the special attacks would require an overload to use. However, to refrain it being too easily gotten, we'd be forcing the players to make their own overloads and increase the shop values by a lot. 

    You'd be making your own overloads using the Herblore skill, and if you'd like to purchase them from a shop, the cost would be high. Or we would simply remove them, as well as all the overload potions in-game. 

    Using Overload:
    Annihilation = 138
    Decimation = 138
    Obliteration = 118

    Using Eradicator Potion:
    Annihilation = 145
    Decimation = 145
    Obliteration = 125
  2. Keep it the way it is
    Annihilation = 138
    Decimation = 138
    Obliteration = 118

    Requires eradicator potion to use. 


We ask you to be reasonable whe you vote. A poll passing does not mean it is going to be implemented or remain the way it is. 

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