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Starters guide!

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Welcome to Eradication Reborn,

This guide will take you through the basic progressions of the game and will give you some tips and trick!

So lets not wait and just get started !



Chapter 1

  • First thing you notice is the present and package you have in your inventory, you can open these for some starting supplies and a random present! After you open these two the items will go directly to your bank, here is a screenshot of what you can expect in your bank!
  • Grab your gear! lets start training! but before we do so lets head over to ;;shops and buy some upgrades before we train! When at shops you should look for the "armour shop" which is located on the north side of the shops! In the armour shop you should buy dragon platelegs and dragon CHAINbody, dont spend 65M on something you wont be using a very long time better save some money! Then head over to the PKing shop and buy the Helm of Neitiznot from there. Now we are ready to start training at ;;train,
  • When your stats are about level 60-70 you can also go to ;;train2 (hillgiants) and bury their bones for some starting prayer levels !
  • After gaining some more combat levels(90+) and prayer levels  (50+) you will be ready to do your first boss! Maximum Gradum! But before we are going to start our PVM journey we will need some gear upgrades to make it easier! With the remaing cash you have which should be ~450M you are able to buy 3 new item upgrades! Which are vesta gear, the vesta longsword(~50m), platelegs(~200m) and platebody(~200m)(The vesta gear has to be bought from other players, as there is no shop with vesta items).  After unlocking this gear your setup for Maximum Gradum should look something like this.
    The stuff we want from Maximum Gradum are the Eradicated seals and the noted frost dragon bones. Once you have around 1.5K Eradicated seals (which can be found in your pouch) and some frost dragon bones you are ready to start your grind for the first 400m skill! The fastest way to do this is to use the frost dragon bones on the prayer altar at ;;home , the banks is right next to the altar! and with the 1.5K Eradicated seals you will be looking buy an Off-hand chaotic longsword from the "Eradicated seals and character" shop located on the south side of ;;shops.


  • Congratulations! You have now completed chapter one of your Eradication Reborn grind!


Chapter 2

  • In chapter 2 we will be covering more of the server, including dailys, other combat styles, more bossing and more gear upgrades! lets get straight into it!
  • First I will be covering some of the dailys that are possible on the server, most imprant the dummy! the dummy is located at ;;home next to the rank lender.
    Dummy is a daily event which lets you attack it for 60 seconds, the goal is to deal as much damage as you possibly can in the 60 seconds! You will be rewarded with invasion tokens, which are currently around 1.5-2m each! The calculations are as follow : if you deal 4k damage you get 200 tokens, this means that your damage devided by 20 is the amount of tokens you will recieve! Depending on the donator rank you have you can do dummy either every 12/6/3 hours!
  • Now other combat styles! Lets get started by getting some magic gear! First the armour, the best magic armour to get when starting out will be subjugation! You can get subjegation drops by killing ;;zamorak . Your setup should look the same as in chapter 1 when killing Maximum Gradum, you should also bring an anti poison potion just to be safe and pray soulsplit with turmoil. As for the weapon you have 2 choices, you can either go back to Maximum Gradum to farm some more Eradicated Seals for a chaotic staff, or buy an LS1 from players for around ~500m. Both will do the job perfectly fine to start, the choice is yours to make.
  • To continue we will be doing our first harder boss now, being Fatal Resort(;;trio). For this we can use some upgrades and farming but they are not needed however they will prove usefull! To kill Fatal Resort your setup should look like this :
    *EDIT > as off hand you can buy a magic book at ;;shops and for rings you can buy the seers ring(i) from players*
    While praying mage, using bloodbarage make sure he does not hit too hard and always heal up! The drops we are hoping to get here are Royal Court Rapiers, they are a good entry weapon to the more advanced and difficult bosses.
  • Back to something easier, but it is needed for our gear upgrade! It is time to go to the eradicator boss! Best way to do this boss is to pray mage and melee him, the setup will be the same as your Maximum Gradum setup except with the new Royal Court Rapiers you just got! The items you are looking to get are Vanguard items, specificly the vanguard body and legs. Those are the main drops we want from eradicater since we will be upgrading the other slots with something else. After unlocking vanguard we will go to ;;bandos (pray melee fight with melee)to get the Bandos helmet, this is a great helmet for starters and will last a long while during progression. Furthermore we will be doing some ;;glacors (no need for prayer) to unlock new boots, steads(melee)/ragefires(mage)/glaiven (range). The last slot to fill will be the ring slot which will be upgraded to a beserker ring(i) which can be bought from players or obtained by ;;necrolord (pray soulsplit ,fight with melee)


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