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Update #20 [Hardcore Ironman & Golden Obsidian/Rapiers]

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Hardcore Ironman
Note: This mode is in a BETA and will be constantly updated! 
If you notice any bugs/issues when playing the mode, report it to a Staff Member so it can be changed ASAP.

5eXQ1Wq.pngHardcore Ironman:
We've decided to finally add some difficulty to the Iron Man mode as the one currently existing, does not contain a lot, if any difficulty at all. This game mode will not be as the original HCIM from RuneScape, it is adjusted to how EradicationX Iron Man used to be, with some tweaks. We strongly do not recommend people who are expecting something "easy" or short-term to play this game mode, but if you do, good luck!

This mode will be exacly like the current Iron Man mode, but as aforementioned, there will be some tweaks. The Hardcore version will not have access to a number of things, and will be steadily updated with more content exclusively for these players. 
P.S: In this mode you will not have access to donate. 

The mode is in a beta, if you have any suggestions, find something that's not quite right or even find bugs, be sure to let a staff member know so they can forward it to the Developers to fix. 

This mode will be updated regularly with content suggested from the players playing it. You will receive exclusive bosses and will have to grind longer for certain items to receive what you're desiring. You will not be able to donate and you will have access to the regular Iron Man zone. 
You will not have a bonus drop rate and you will not have access to a few shortcuts / bosses.

Loot you won't able to receive easily: Charms, Amulet of Fury, Amulet of Fury (or), Imbued Rings, Frost Dragon Bones and Bolts. 
Skills that will be needing a significantly much more time to max: Prayer, Combat, Summoning, Fishing, Cooking, 

Items that aren't easily obtained and that'll be commonly used, will be in the HCIM Vote Store where you can purchase crates of each VERY useful item for Voting Tickets. 

To receive Dragon, Onyx and Ruby Bolts, you will need to kill QBD for the tips and use it on the bolts from the HCIM Ranged Store. 

There are no perks. 

You will not have access to these teleports:

  • Maximum Gradum
  • Necrolord
  • Sea Troll Queen
  • Shops
  • Home1
  • Home2
  • Certain Skilling teleports

You will not have access to use these shortcuts:

  • Wildytree
  • Wildyspirits
  • Boss Teleport Interface

You will not have access to use these objects:

  • Altar
  • Saradomin's Altar
  • Bandos' Altar
  • Armadyl's Altar

You will not have access to these keybinds:

  • Borrow a rank
  • Lend a rank
  • Shops

Hardcore Areas:

  • ;;iz
  • ;;hcim 
  • ;;frosties (you need to wear a Fire Cape to be able to access the Frost Dragon Dungeon!)
  • ::dagannoth



Blue Charm (75%) - 1-10
Crimson Charm (75%) - 1-10
Gold Charm (75%) - 1-10
Green Charm (75%) - 1-10

King Back Dragon:


Noted Green Dragon Leather (100%) - 5-25

Queen Black Dragon:


Onyx Bolt (e) (10%) - 30-100
Dragon Bolt (e) (10%) - 30-100
Ruby Bolt (e) (10%) - 30-100

Corporeal Beast:


Bonecrusher - 1.1%



Drops the berserker/archer/seers rings.

Examine to see which drops which. 



Golden Armoury:
The Golden Obsidian Armoury is the new Best In Slot armoury for all styles. 

Melee = Set bonus of 1.5x (Greg has 1.4x)
Magic = Set bonus of 1.6x (Vin has 1.5x)
Ranged = Set bonus of 1.4x (Furie has 1.3x)


Golden Court Rapiers & Golden obsidian


  • 3 Golden Feather + Gregorvic/Vindicta/Furie Body = Golden Platebody
  • 3 Golden Feather + Gregorvic/Vindicta/Furie Legs = Golden Platelegs
  • 3 Golden Feather + Gregorvic/Vindicta/Furie Helms = Golden Helmets
  • 6 Golden Feather + 6 Enchanted Obsidian Shards  = Golden Boots & Gloves
  • 5 Golden Feather + Citius Weapon = Golden Rapier

Note: Cannot use Goliath/Swift/Spellcaster versions.


Miscellaneous Updates: (as of Wednesday, August 14th)


  • Added Raids counter to task tab.
  • Added Raids announcement per 100 kills.
  • Added bank1, bank2, inventory & equipment to add to the bank value.
  • A notepad has been created for Administrators to easily change the price values.
  • Added bank2 keybind.
  • Changed Administrator into Server Executive. 
  • Furies Set bonus should now work properly.
  • Fixed the bug where killing Nex sometimes wouldn't give you a kill and or share of the Spell Power.
  • Made it so that you can use Full Elite White Obsidian in the Raids.
  • Fixed the Elite White Obby bonus.
  • Fixed the issue where the player's time online would reset after X amount of days. 
  • Moved Super Dragons into new instance.
  • Fixed Anti-bot not appearing
  • Added a loot message when having Santa Pet activated
  • Made Wildy Cursed Trees produce Reg Logs instead of Cursed
  • Made Cursed Logs 1.5m instead of 3m
  • Fixed deactivatewell for Administrators
  • Made donator gem stall give 4x reward with thieving perk
  • Fixed the problem where others could pick up your pet
  • Added a code by reddragon and customized it a little which shows people's killcount when examining their pet. (Green = Lower than yours, Red = Higher than yours).


  • Added a checkarmour command to easily check which bonuses you have.
  • Added a Castle command, clan zone for the clan known as "#Castle".
  • Added a Legion command, clan zone for the clan known as "Legion".
  • Customized both these zones after preference. 
  • Added a totalkc command which was made by Reddragon, this command will add up all your kills and tell you the total.
  • Added Phoenix Instance.
  • Added Hero Boss Instance.
  • Fixed the issue where the Phoenix and Hero boss would spawn back one tile upon death. 
  • Fixed the issue where Phoenix spawned twice in the instance. 
  • Added Hardcore Ironman.
  • Added Completionist Cave.
  • Fixed Lent Donator not having full access to the commands.
  • Added Raids armour check to the actual Raids, so you can use them in the Raid.
  • Made Red Logs Stackable
  • Added Papi command
  • Added Dragon, Onyx, Ruby, Bone, Dhide (x100) crates and restore/brew x10 crates. 
  • Removed most junks from Papi drop table
  • Changed Hardmode Trio back to how it was prior to the change
  • Removed Annihilation & Decimation from Hairymonkey
  • Added Annihilation & Decimation to Avatar of Destruction
  • Added Nex Pet to the nex drop table
  • Nerfed Amulet of Fury, Saradomin's Whisper
  • Buffed Amulet of Fury (or)
  • Made HCIM unable to use ;;donate
  • Made HCIM unable to claim any pending donation
  • Removed the "Shops" Npc
  • Removed all NPC's from the floor above home.
  • Fixed the bug where getting the loyalty points first time says you have 0 rather than 250.
  • Added Nex Pet to Nex Drop Table.
  • Added the new obsidian
  • Added the new rcrs
  • Added Dagannoth Kings
  • Fixed the ladder/stair to Dagannoth Kings
  • Changed the mining speed of the Coal, Adamantite and Runite ores.
  • Added a check in the giveup dialogue to prevent people from spamming it.
  • Disabled HCIM from access various teleports which led to them able to use public shops.

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Good update, I like the new BIS (the models are sexy) and it will be interesting to see how people find HCIM.

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