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Anniversary Events

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Hello all and Happy Anniversary to the server! EradicationX-Reborn is officially a year old on October 16th. To celebrate this achievement we plan to hold multiple events on both worlds for players! 



1. On world 2 we will be doing a huge goodiebag event for everyone to participate in.  Time is to be determined but we will make an announcement on discord to alert players beforehand.

Items for the world 1 goodiebag will be obsidian armor pieces, elite weapon sets, dtds, invasion tokens, cash, golden feathers, undetermined rares and 1 eradicator rank as the grand prize. 

Items for world 2 goodiebag will include multiple rares/erares, low tier weapon sets and armor, invasion tokens, cash and 1 donator rank as the grand prize.

2. World 1 and World 2 we will be doing a hide and seek event. A chosen staff member will find a good spot and give hints to players to find, we will be doing several rounds on each server.

3. Several tiny events like double droprate on world 1 and free vote/well xp will be activated periodically on both worlds. (No double dr on world 2 yet, can't kick-start the economy too hard ;))


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Guest old items erad

what about the items with us now will disappear or what?


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